Domestic Terrorism in America

The liberal assurance that all modern domestic terrorists are right-wing extremists never stands up to more than a cursory examination.  As a platform item, this misinformation allows Democrats to to further their elitist agenda.  More laws, more regulation, and more control by unaccountable bureaucrats are their answers to the violent actions of extremists that manifest in America today.

Would one more law have stopped Timmothy McVeigh?  Would more regulation have prevented Columbine?  Would a bureaucrat have stood in the way of the Fort Hood shooter?  Never mind the fact that in every one of these cases many laws were broken prior to the commission of the final act.

Unless and until we are able to openly and freely discuss the sources of the violent ideologies breeding these terrorists, we will continue to suffer their attacks.  We don’t need to suffer more legislative attacks on our freedom and liberty in the name of safety when the perpetrators will not be deterred.

Notable terrorism events in post WWII America:

  • November 1, 1950  2 Puerto Rican pro-independence terrorists kill 2 police while attempting to assassinate President Truman
  • March 4, 1954 – 4 pro-independence Puerto Rican terrorists open fire from the Ladies’ Gallery in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • September 15, 1963 – Bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama bombed by white supremacist Bobby Frank Cherry; 4 killed and 22 wounded
  • November 2, 1963 – President John F. Kennedy is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine who had defected to the Soviet Union, married there, returned to the U.S. and had subsequently attempted to assassinate retired U.S. Major General Edwin Walker in April of 1963
  • June 5, 1968 – Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan over U.S. assistance to Israeli in the 6-days war
  • May 10, 1970 – A bomb is detonated by The Weather Underground outside the entrance to the National Guard Association of the United States
  • March 1, 1971 – The United States Capitol building is bombed by the radical leftist group the Weather Underground
  • May 19, 1972 – The Weather Underground detonates an explosive in a women’s restroom at the Pentagon to memorialize Hi Chi Mihn’s birthday
  • January 29, 1975 – An explosive device detonates in a women’s restroom at The United States Department of State; The Weather Underground claims credit
  • March 9-11, 1977 – 12 African-American Muslim gunmen led by the former secretary of the Nation of Islam take 142 hostages and murdering 2 in 3 Washington, D.C. buildings
  • 1969 to 1981 – Multiple other bombings, arsons, roberies, and acts of violence by the Weather Underground Organization (WUO)
  • April 26, 1983 to April 20, 1984 – The militant leftist group May 19th Communist Movement, bombs the U.S. Capitol along with several military sites in response to the U.S. invasion of Grenada.
  • 1978 to 1995  Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski (the Unabomber) kills 3 and injures 23 with multiple letter bombs
  • April 19, 1995 – Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City is bombed by Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and Michael and Lori Fortier; 168 killed (19 children) and over 600 injured
  • July 27, 1996 – Eric Robert Rudolph bombs Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia
  • April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado; 13 killed by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris
  • September 11. 2001 – 19 Muslim terrorists hijack 4 U.S. airliners, 1 crashes into the Pentagon, 1 into each of the Twin Towers in New York, the fourth is brought down by the passengers to prevent the plane reaching its target
  • September to October 2001 – Anthrax letter attacks kill 5, infect 17
  • June 10, 2009 – James W. Von Brunn opens fire at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. killing 1
  • November 5, 2009 – Fort Hood shooting spree by U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan
  • February 18, 2010 – Andrew Joseph Stack purposely crashes his plane into the building housing an IRS field office in Austin, Texas
  • May 1, 2010 – Faisal Shahzad allegedly attempts to detonate a car bomb in New York City’s Times Square
  • January 8, 2011 – Jared Lee Loughner opens fire in Casas Adobes, Arizona killing 6 and wounding 19; attempts to assassinate U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ)

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