I grew up in a home where politics was considered a contact sport.  Yelling at Walter Cronkite seemed not only natural but right.  As I grew older, these early life experiences colored the relationship I have with my computer.  If it could speak for itself, the poor machine would cry out against the years of verbal abuse I have heaped upon it.  But venting my frustrations on the poor creature just didn’t cut it any more.

In late 2007 and early 2008 I could feel the train coming off the tracks at high-speed.  Liberal machineries that had been quietly working were seeing their efforts come to fruition.  The Republican establishment had purged or silenced the conservatives that distinguished the party from the rest of the professional political class.  Entrenched and bloated federal beaurocracies had choked the economy and regulated the citizenry into a state of fear and desperation.  Enough was enough.

Even knowing that my individual efforts during this election cycle would have a minimal effort on the outcome, I decided to try my own long game.  I got involved in the local party, volunteered as a poll watcher, and decided to really get educated on what was going on, how it came about, and how I could actualy make a difference.  In a few short months, election night had come and gone and I was surprisingly calm (just ask my computer).  I understood that the mistakes that mattered and the work to affect “change” had occured long before I decided to get in the game.  But I was engaged now.  The 2012 election cycle began the morning of November 5th 2008.

I thought that I was pretty alone inmy thinking that morning and for weeks afterwaards.  The mainstream media (morons) were heralding the end of conservatism, republicanism, and capitalism.  Finding likeminded folks was a task mainly of a (very) small email list and cruising conservative and libertarian blogs.  Talk-radio stalwarts like Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, and Glenn Beck were good for morale but not very effective at bringing people together for action.  Not their fault and not their job.

Rick Santelli’s rant was the real turning point.  With the first Tea Party call to action I was hooked.  I have sought out and plugged in to several local groups with the goal of restoring the principles that the nation was founded on.  I first attended and then helped teach classes about the actual U.S. Constitution and real American history.

To be continued…


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  1. i just stumbled upon ur blog today and it fascinated me alot.. 🙂 keep up the good work.. u will love my work to. 🙂

  2. Love your enthusiasm, keep up the good work.

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