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Who needs vetting now?

Who needs vetting now? – Posted on MySpace September 9th, 2008 at 7:28 am

For almost 2 weeks now vice-presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin has had has had a virtual colonoscopy performed on her by the media. Which baby is whose? Can she be a fit mother as VP while having 5 (or 4) children and a grandchild (or 2) on the way? Did she ban books that hadn’t even been written yet? Did she fire the boss of a crooked cop for not firing the crooked cop or just for not doing the job he had been appointed to do? Where are the swimsuit pictures?

The media has leveled all of these questions and more in rapid fire succession before doing any actual research into the subjects. They have posed these scurrilous, sexist, and sensationalist rumors from the internet and plastered them on front pages and evening headlines as serious questions that need answered in response to the McCain camp’s supposed lax vetting process.

Well, let’s talk about vetting. In the past 19 months, Senator Barrack Obama has received a pass on almost every issue of substance that has been raised during his campaign. For example, during a primary debate he responded to a George Stephanopolis question about his connections to confessed murderer, bomber, and terrorist William Ayers, claiming that he’s just a guy from his neighborhood.

We know now that the 1/3rd term junior Senator from Illinois has not been quite straight. He and Ayers served on the same board overseeing a 50 million dollar foundation that funneled money to a now convicted real estate developer. This same developer, Tony Rezko, helped the then lawyer and community organizer Obama to buy a very posh home in the Chicago suburbs at a real steal. Later, Senator Obama purchased more property from Rezko that adjoined his home. Properties that Rezko’s company renovated using the federal grant money Obama and Ayers oversaw are now an almost uninhabitable ruin. When investigators recently went to the University that houses the records of this foundation, suddenly the records were made unavailable. Could the fact that William Ayers is on faculty there now have anything to do with their reluctance to release those documents? Did the Senator ask this guy from his neighborhood to make the information regarding their joint tenure on the Annenberg Challenge inaccessible?

You don’t see these or any other uncomfortable questions being asked in the media. Apparently the Senator is fully vetted by the circumstance of having been on the campaign trail longer than he was in the Senate prior to his candidacy. Perhaps he is considered thoroughly vetted by the fact that he has authored 2 autobiographies and has yet to author any legislation of note that has been passed by congress. Maybe the media consider the vetting process to be complete because the records of Obama’s formative tenure as a community organizer are unavailable – meaning that the public has no way to examine its nature or quality as it regards his experience to lead this nation.

I say that this vetting process is just a sham cover for media bias and partisanship. The sexism and bigotry revealed in recent days is just a further sign and symptom of the decline of the once great fourth estate. Who is vetting the vetters?