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Le Missed Again

Twice now I have tried to go see the new theatrical version of Les Miserables.  The world must be conspiring against it because I have yet to put my butt into a theater seat.  So, to satisfy the urge to revisit Victor Hugo’s 150-year old classic, I dug into my DVD collection and unearthed the 1998 film.  It still strikes me how much this 1998 version with Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush and Uma Thurman holds up.

Les Miserables has always been a great tale of Christian grace versus a law-driven pursuit of unattainable human perfection.  It very aptly demonstrates the grace of God versus the “justice” of man.  Joe Rigney recently posted on his blog a great explanation of how Les Miserables can and should be used as a teaching tool in churches in sunday schools.  Near the end he writes:

I’m not saying that Les Mis doesn’t communicate the beauty of mercy. It certainly does — and does so spectacularly. Nor am I saying that Javert is not an example of everything that is wrong with humanity. In fact, this analysis shows just how pervasive the human penchant to establish false laws is. Whether it’s the traditions of the Pharisees, the ethnocentric law-boasting of the Judaizers, the bureaucratic minutiae of Javert, the over-scrupulousness of fundamentalists, or the hate crimes of the progressives, human beings love to break God’s Law by erecting our own. We are rebels, and this is what we do.

In these times where Hollywood tries to inflict its own bent sense of progressive (im)morality on the public, it’s nice to see that they haven’t been able to pervert all the classics.  And, they have apparently done it with a fantastic musical score.

Now, fingers crossed people, I’m going to try and take Mrs. Clockworkconservative out for a date this weekend.

les miserables book cover

If I Wanted to Make America Prosperous Again

We have today a little historical perspective on the American economy and what ails it.  Dr. Robert Owens shows how the British colonies in North America moved away from the system of landed gentry that was transplanted here by the monarchy.  That original system that brought us agrarian slave economics was overcome by innovation, industrialization, and entrepreneurship.  His article then goes on to show how a return to those transformative attitudes and behaviors can save our nation from a future indentured to perpetual indebtedness and the soft slavery of socialism.

Today, America labors under self-imposed adversity. We are in the grip of an oppressive Progressive Movement that after 100 years of incremental advance is poised to transform America from what she has always been into what they want her to be. America has traditionally been a constitutionally limited Republic operating on democratic principles providing individual liberty and economic opportunity. The Progressives envision America as a centrally-planned highly regimented social democracy where the wealth is spread around from each according to their abilities to each according to their needs .

If I wanted to make America prosperous again I would take off the self-imposed shackles of a central government on steroids, stop imposing new regulations, and reduce taxes everywhere on everyone. Then I would stand back and watch our economy takes off like a rocket and we take our place beside our ancestors as free people with economic liberty and a will to succeed.

Read the whole article for a great look at the rise of American economic supremacy and the progressive movement’s efforts to destroy it.

Two weeks ago I shared a great video called If I wanted America to fail.  Go watch it if you haven’t already seen it.  It really does show how progressivism is strangling this country a little more each day.