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Kickin With The Chicken

Took a well deserved break with my lovely wife this afternoon.  We decided to head over to our local Chick-fil-a to grab some lunch and see what kind of kerfuffle was in progress (if any).

Well, after taking over 5 minutes circling fo a parking spot, this was the scene inside.

There was no pushing or shouting.  The staff was efficient if a little frazzled.  And despite the crowd and the wait, lunch was good – as it usually is.

The best moment of the day though was when a group of about eight soldiers came in for their lunch.  The crowd let them to the front of the line and someone even grabbed them a table.  Once they made their order, they didn’t have to stand and wait.  The manager brought their food out personally.  You can’t argue with those priorities.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, you show me yours.


ps. I wonder what lunch with the Occupy crowd is like?

Chick-fil-a Day

For those commenters that insist that my stance on the Chick-fil-a kerfuffle is irrational or somehow disingenuous, you still don’t get it.  Chick-fil-a hasn’t denied anyone their rights.  They haven’t been accused of breaking any laws.  What they have done is express an opinion and thereby exercised their 1st Amendment right to free speech.

Many liberals and knee-jerk politicians want to punish them for their opinion by using the power of government.  No matter what your stance on the issue, you should be opposed to the reaction of the left.  The Constitution protects speech.  If you don’t like what is said, you can either go outside of earshot or come up with your own message.  Letting the government decide what someone can say, where they say it, or how they say it is one of the faster paths to a hell I wouldn’t want to live in.

So, today demonstrates an appropriate way to counter speech you do not agree with.  Protesters today will be going to Chik-fil-a stores around the country to express their own opinions.  They want to have their voices heard.  Supporters of Chick-fil-a will do the same.  As long as the parties engaged in this debate can behave lawfully, I have NO problem with them exercising their rights.

Chick-fil-a For Lunch Today

You gotta love how “tolerant” and “open-minded” the left is when it comes to choice.  They have no problem accepting and even celebrating the most prurient activities.  In the name of freedom of expression and artistic license they spout offensive, obscene, and hateful ideas.  But, let someone express an opinion that disagrees with them, they find that censorship and oppression suit them just fine.

I have held off on commenting on the non-story that is Chick-fil-a’s stance in opposition to gay marriage.  Who cares?  They have the freedom to hold whatever opinion they want.  If you don’t like it, you have the freedom to eat somewhere else.  You don’t have the right to use the power of government to silence their ideas or deny them legal access to the marketplace.

Liberals say that they are all about the freedom to be anything you want… as long as what you aspire to be is not based upon a traditional lifestyle or guided by conservative Judeo-Christian values.  Get over your hateful, bigoted selves.  If you oppose an idea, stand in opposition to it.  Don’t try to deny the freedoms of those whose ideas you disagree with.

They have the right to their beliefs.  You have the right to shop elsewhere.  They have the right to run their business in accordance with the values they espouse.  You have the right to be offended if you wish.  You do not have the right to deny them their rights.

The left should also take a moment to examine those whom they raise up as examples to others.  They should examine the values in their own ranks.  There is plenty there to be outraged by.

For myself, I think that for lunch today, I will “eat mor chikin” .

(Pics are just a few amongst the many floating around on Facebook.)

Silence Speaks Volumes

In solidarity with the National Day of Blogger Silence, The Clockwork Conservative will not post today.  Today we protest the efforts of the left trying to silence conservatives through threats, intimidation, and lawsuits.  The ongoing efforts of convicted serial bomber and perjurer Brett Kimberlin and his associates are threatening the ability of bloggers everywhere to express their views without fear.

If you want to learn more about the threats to online freedom of speech that have prompted this effort, please visit Michelle Malkin or  Ace of Spades HQ.  I also urge you to contact your representative to encourage them to look into the dangerous practice of “SWAT-ing” .  Peoples lives are at stake.

This is the quiet before the storm.  We will not sit silently in fear.  Blogging at The Clockwork Conservative will resume July 9th.  Thank you for your support.

Refurendum on Obama?

When Governor Scott Walker demanded last year that public sector union members in his state actually pay for a fraction of the “benefits” that the rest of the working world pays dearly for (if they still have jobs), it was decried as inhuman, fascist, immoral, and even fattening.  Liberals, socialists, commies, and union thugs from across the country descended on the Wisconsin statehouse.  They threatened lawmakers and their families.  They blocked access to the capital for people who had actual business to conduct.  They spirited away Democrat legislators so that there could be no quorum allowing a vote.  They gave extra credit to students that skipped classes to join the protests.

Despite all of these machinations intended to intimidate lawmakers instead of changing minds with say… an intelligent argument, Governor Walker signed a bill that weakened the stranglehold of unions on state and local governments.  Despite all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth, Wisconsin teachers kept their jobs, kept their benefits, governments were able to trim away the massive deficits they were facing, and unions could no longer force workers o join and pay dues to organizations whose policies they objected to.

So, the full force of unionized labor, millions upon millions of dollars, and the support of lefty activists and Occupiers from around the world turned to Wisconsin last year.  They would recall the evil Governor Walker and replace him with the Democrat mayor of one of the worst performing cities in America – Tom Baker of Milwaukee.  With this massive unity of effort combined with the “magic” support of President Obama, surely victory would be theirs.  Surely the liberal/socialist/union alliance could overwhelm the wretched Republican, his Lieutenant Governor, and the cabal of legislators that passed these draconian measures.

But, that is not the case.  Seeing the writing on the wall last week, the President avoided campaigning in Wisconsin, skipping over it even when visiting Minnesota and Illinois.  The White house press secretary has been playing down the results as a purely local event with no impact on the national political scene.  Even DNC Chair Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) changed her tune from the recall being the stepping stone to democrat supremacy and a Obama victory this November to “Wisconsin?  Is that in Canada somewhere?  Cheese, right?”.

So in the final hours, national democrats abandoned once again what they saw as another sinking ship.  They couldn’t afford to be seen backing another loser after the President himself nearly lost in democrat primaries to a convicted felon and even undecided.  The media message machine now turns its gaze away to the substantive issues of the Presidential race as it continues to gain steam.  What’s Snookie up to now?

Just as a reminder… Walker won the recall contest by 9 percent when mainstream media had the polling at a 3% lead going into the election.  In the 2008 election the skew was again 6 points wide.  Does this mean that the 7% lead Obama showed in last night’s exit polling might be similarly skewed?  Might that mean that Mitt Romney is within the margin of error in blue Wisconsin? Hmmm…

Here is a glimpse of what the left was able to muster in the final hours to reinforce their “Maginot line” in the Wisconsin recall.

I guess he’ll just head back to his tent at Occupy Wall Street.  The thrumming beat of the drums will soothe his grief while he fills out Social Security disability paperwork for his post-traumatic (election) stress.

Los Angeles Times Calls Me A Racist

On October 24th I put up a post called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – Obama Edition.  In it I included two pictures from the net depicting Mr. and Mrs. Obama as the european royalty that they so frequently emulate.  I will repeat my crime in part here…

This collage is a commentary on the political tone deafness of a couple that sees themselves as greater than they are.  $4 million Christmas vacations in Hawaii, skipping state funerals of allied presidents for golf, and the gall to suggest that government should control what we eat while flying their own pizza chef in from a thousand miles away are all examples of their “let them eat cake” attitude.  Michelle Obama tells us herself in an upcoming show on Nickelodeon that “I Kind Of Like” being called “Your Excellency”.

So, why does this make me a racist?  Well it’s because the L.A. Times says so.

Well, here’s where the trouble starts.  This image (and the one of her husband) have been on the net for months – not just the Tuesday appearance at Gateway Pundit that they and Media Matters for America reference.  More disturbing is their characterization of the image and its use as racist.

“A baldly racist depiction of First Lady Michelle Obama that appeared Tuesday on a right-wing website is based on a 1775 portrait of Marie Antoinette by Jean-Baptiste André Gautier-Dagoty (1740-1786)…  The caricature of Obama as a profligate queen relies on the racist stereotype of an “uppity Negro,” which emerged among slave masters in an earlier American era.” – Los Angeles Times online edition January 5, 2012

How the L.A. Times gets racism out of self-important snobbery and elitism I am unsure.  What I am sure of is that I can make a stronger case about racist blog posts and editorial cartoons by just looking at the Times own publishing history.  The Jeff Danziger cartoon below appeared in their paper courtesy of their arrangements with the New York Times Syndicate.

Being no expert in leftist analysis of art, even I can see more racist connotations in this piece that the one the Times rails against.  Play along with me as we examine the Gone With The Wind references for traces of racist content.

  • film glamorizes the antebellum south during the Civil War
  • main characters are slave owners
  • supporting characters are slaves
  • comparison of Dr. Condoleezza Rice as a “house slave”
  • depiction of Dr. Rice speaking with caricatured slave dialect
  • Bonus: portrayal of barefoot woman nursing a child obviously sexist

What’s that?  The L.A. times, the New York Times Syndicate, and even Jeff Danziger’s own website have attempted to scrub the image from the net.  Maybe they realized that they had revealed a little too much of the modern liberal movement’s inherent racism.  So now their focus is to redefine racism; to obscure their own.  They wish to paint their political opponents with the brush that recently and appropriately “colored” themselves.  If they can do this successfully, maybe then I will actually be a racist.

(Hat tip on the L.A. Times story goes to Ace of Spades HQ.  Thanks guys.)

I am the 1% – Even Kids Get It

Here is an amazing 13-year old and her take on Obama’s Occupy movement.

Dear Wall Street Protesters:

My Dad is a successful computer engineer.  My Mom gave up a career to raise me properly.

Our house is a little too small, but like my parents say, “live beneath your means.”

I’m Sorry You’re out of work; that you’re in debt.  Maybe you should have gotten a degree in Biology instead of Bitter Women’s Studies.

So could you quit crapping in alleys in New York, go home, and get a job at McDonald’s?…

Because even at 13, I know I will be part of the 100% of PRODUCTIVE members of society that will be supporting you in a few short years.


After she posted this online, the amount of hateful and abusive tweets, comments, and e-mails she received prompted ths response.

Dear “Peaceful” Liberals

First, I want to thank all the adults who called me every nasty word under the sun.  It just proves how insane liberals are.  The violent threats were even better!

To all of you who said a 13 year old couldn’t have written the OWS opinion that I wrote, there is a HUGE difference between us.  You spent 13 years chasing guys & buying worthless junk to impress Jenny from the Locker Block.  I spend my time studying.

If you  have time to trespass in a private park for weeks, you have time for work.  I understand that you HATE those greedy corporations… but you sure love those iPads, iPods, cameras and cell phones!  Hypocrites!

I may be young, but I’m going to work toward taking this country back!


Check out her website at getadamnjobyouhippie.org .  You’ll be amazed and disgusted at some of the venom that the left spews at this young woman.

And here is a little taste of the hypocrisy she is talking about…

John Wayne on liberals

John Wayne talks in an interview about how he realized he wasn’t a liberal and discovered that he was a right-wing, conservative, extremist.  Also, he addresses keynsian economics and elitist, leftist politics.