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Lost and Found – September 10th Edition

What to remember about September 10th…

  • 1608  John Smith is elected president of Jamestown; the 1st permanent English settlement in North America
  • 1776  Nathan Hale responds to George Washington’s call for volunteers to gather intelligence behind enemy lines
  • 1813  Oliver Hazard Perry leads U.S. forces to defeat British fleet in Battle of Lake Erie; after victory Perry sends message “We have met the enemy, and they are ours.”
  • 1833  President Andrew Jackson announces closure of the Bank of the United States; believed the institution to be unconstitutional
  • 1897  London taxi driver George Smith is 1st person ever arrested for drunk driving
  • 1918  German Shepard pup is rescued from bombed out kennel in France by American serviceman Lee Duncan; given the name Rin Tin Tin he later becomes a movie star
  • 1939  Canada joins the Allies; declares war on Germany
  • 1946  Riding train to Darjeeling, Sister Teresa Bojaxhiu hears the call of God directing her “to leave the convent and help the poor while living among them”; becomes known as Mother Teresa
  • 1979  President Carter gives clemency to 4 Puerto Rican nationalists convicted of assassination attempt on President Truman and attack on the U.S. House of Representatives
  • 2002  Switzerland becomes 190th member of the United Nations
  • 2008  Large Hadron Collider at CERN performs 1st successful high energy experiments; world is NOT destroyed


Lost and Found – September 7th Edition

What to remember about September 7th…

  • 1776  World’s 1st submarine attack; American submersible Turtle attempts to destroy British flagship in New York harbor
  • 1813  Nickname Uncle Sam is coined for the United States; attributed to businessman Samuel Wilson
  • 1864  Union General William Tecumseh Sherman orders residents of Atlanta to evacuate the city
  • 1896  Electric car wins the 1st automobile race held in America
  • 1936  American musician and songwriter Charles Harden “Buddy” Holley is born in Lubbock, Texas
  • 1940  300 German aircraft bomb London for the 1st of 57 consecutive nights, the “blitz” has begun
  • 1977  President Carter signs treaty giving up American control of the Panama Canal
  • 1997  American F-22 Raptor flies for the 1st time
  • 2008  Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are taken over by the federal government

Lost and Found – August 15th Edition

What to remember about August 15th…

  • 1780  Irregulars led by LTC Frances “Swamp Fox” Marion rout crown loyalists at Port’s Ferry, South Carolina
  • 1914  Opening of the American-built Panama Canal is inaugurated with the transit of the U.S. ship Ancon, President Carter signs canal over to Panamanian control December 31, 1977
  • 1935  Famed aviator Wiley Post and celebrated actor and journalist Will Rogers die in plane crash in Alaska
  • 1939  Classic film The Wizard of Oz premiers at Grauman’s Chinese Theater
  • 1945  Emperor Hirohito announces to his people that Japan has surrendered to the Allies
  • 1947  200 years of English rule ends and the nations of India and Pakistan become independent
  • 1969  The Woodstock Music Festival opens in upstate New York; performers includes Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, CCR and more
  • 1971  President Nixon imposes a 90-day freeze on wages and prices; ends the convertibility of U.S. dollars into gold
  • 1979  Francis Ford Coppola film Apocalypse Now opens in U.S.
  • 2003  Libya formally accepts responsibility for 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland; express no remorse and admit no guilt

Panama Canal

Lost and Found – July 15th Edition

What to remember about July 15th…

  • 1783 The first successful steamboat Pyroscaphe sails in France on the River Saône; built by Claude-François-Dorothée de Jouffroy
  • 1799  The Rosetta Stone is found in an Egyptian village during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign; allows translation of hieroglyphics
  • 1862  Confederate ironclad CSS Arkansas attacks Admiral Farragut’s Union fleet damaging more than a dozen vessels
  • 1870  Georgia is readmitted to the Union; it is that last state to rejoin after the end of the Civil War
  • 1933  American Wiley Post begins first solo flight around the world
  • 1964  Barry Goldwater nominated for President by Republican Party
  • 1975  In simultaneous launches, Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19 are launched to begin joint Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
  • 1979  President Jimmy Carter gives speech on television about our national “crisis of confidence”; misquoted as the “malaise” speech
  • 1988  Movie “Die Hard” opens; actor Bruce Willis rises to stardom
  • 2002  “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh accepts plea bargain of 20-years; he was captured fighting for the Afghan Taliban


Lost and Found – July 11th Edition

What to remember about July 11th…

  • 1765  Future 6th President John Quincy Adams born in Massachusetts
  • 1782  British officers surrender Savannah, effectively ending Georgia’s involvement in the American Revolution (H/T David)
  • 1798  United States Marine Corps is reestablished in preparation for Quasi-War with France; USMC originally formed November 10, 1775
  • 1804  Alexander Hamilton mortally wounded in duel with Vice President Aaron Burr at Weehawken, New Jersey
  • 1864  Confederate forces begin 2-day assault on Fort Stevens; President Lincoln attends as defenders repel invaders from Capitol
  • 1914  “Babe” Ruth plays his first game in the Major Leagues; pitches for the Boston Red Sox in victory over Cleveland Indians 4-3
  • 1921  Former 27th President William Howard Taft is sworn in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; only person to hold both offices
  • 1945  Soviet Union announces that it will turn over civilian and military control of West Berlin to the Allies
  • 1947  Exodus 1947, former U.S. transport ship, departs France with 4515 Jewish passengers in attempt to run blockade and reach Palestine
  • 1955  1st class of cadets sworn is in at temporary site of the United States Air Force Academy, Lowery Air Force Base in Colorado
  • 1977  President Jimmy Carter presents posthumous award of Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • 1979  Skylab, the first successful U.S. space station, re-enters the atmosphere; debris falls in Australia and Indian Ocean
  • 2007  Former First Lady Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Taylor Johnson dies (b. 1912)
NASA Skylab, America’s First Space Station

Lost and Found – July 7th Edition

What to remember about July 7th…

  • 1798  Congress rescinds treaties with France in response to raids on American shipping; “Quasi-War” begins between France and U.S.
  • 1846  U.S. forces occupy Monterey, California unopposed during Mexican-American War; begins annexation of California
  • 1863  America’s first military draft begins; exemption costs $300
  • 1865  Marry Surrat is 1st woman executed in the United States; convicted as conspirator in assassination of President Lincoln
  • 1907  Science fiction author Robert Heinlein born; Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  • 1942  Heinrich Himmler orders that medical experiments be performed on Jews at Auschwitz; Hitler approves
  • 1946  Future President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter marries Eleanor Rosalynn Smith in Plains, Georgia
  • 1981  Sandra Day O’Connor is nominated as an associate Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States by Ronald Reagan
  • 1981  Solar Challenger piloted by Stephen Ptacek makes first solar-powered flight over the English Channel
  • 2003  NASA Opportunity rover launched towards Mars aboard a Delta II rocket
  • 2005  In London 3 subway trains and 1 bus are attacked by Muslim suicide bombers; the 4 attacks kill 56 and injure another 700
  • UPDATE: 2016  Racist, African-American Army veteran Micah Xavier Johnson attacks police protecting a Dallas “Black Lives Matter” rally.  5 officers killed, 7 more injured, and 2 civilians wounded in sniper-style attack.  After hours of gunfire, bomb threats, and racial taunts by the murderer, Dallas police use a remotely piloted deliver an explosive device to end the standoff.  The perpetrator dies.

Lost and Found – July 2nd Edition

What to remember about July 2nd…

  • 1776  Continental Congress adopts Richard Henry Lee’s resolution for independence from Great Britain; vote is unanimous
  • 1839  Africans aboard Spanish slave ship Amistad free themselves and take over the ship
  • 1881  President James Garfield shot by assassin; dies September 19
  • 1937  Amelia Earhart and navigator Frederick Noonan reported missing and presumed lost during attempt to fly around the world
  • 1964  President Lyndon B. Johnson signs Civil Rights Act into law
  • 1980  President Jimmy Carter signs act re-establishing the Selective Service (draft) registration requirement for men 18-26 years old
  • 1990  1,426 pilgrims die in stampede during Hajj to Mecca
  • 1993  Muslim mob sets fire to hotel in Sivas, Turkey killing 37 to protest the appearance of the translator of Salman Rushdie’s works
  • 1997  Oscar-winning Actor and retired Air Force Major General James “Jimmy” Stewart dies at age 89 in Beverly Hills, CA
  • 1992  1 millionth Chevy Corvette is built

Lost and Found – May 12th Edition

What to remember about May 12th…

  • 1780  Patriot forces suffer worst defeat of the revolution when 3000 troops surrender to British at siege of Charleston, South Carolina
  • 1907  Academy Award-winning actress Katharine Hepburn is born in Hartford, Connecticut (d. 2003)
  • 1932  Body of baby Lindbergh is found less than a mile from home 2 months after he is kidnapped
  • 1933  Agricultural Adjustment Act becomes law; restricted food production by paying farmers to let their fields lie fallow and to kill off livestock
  • 1949  Blockade of West Berlin by Soviet forces is lifted after 11-months because of massive U.S. and British airlifts to supply and defend the city
  • 1971  Major fighting breaks out in the A Shau valley in Vietnam; some of the bloodiest battles of the war will happen in the next few days
  • 1978  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announces that hurricanes will no longer exclusively be named after women
  • 2002  Jimmy Carter becomes 1st president to visit Cuba since the bloody communist revolution in 1959
  • 2003  Detonation of 4 simultaneous car bombs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills 35 and wounds 160

Lost and Found – April 7th Edition

What to remember about April 7th…

  • 1776  For the 1st time, an American warship captures a British vessel; Captain John Barry’s Lexington take HMS Edward off coast of Virginia
  • 1805  After building a fort and wintering in North Dakota; Lewis and Clarke expedition resumes their westward trek; unexplored territory lies ahead
  • 1862  After 2 days of heavy fighting, Union forces win the Battle of Shiloh in western Tennessee; nearly 24,000 casualties suffered between them
  • 1945 U.S. bombers sink worlds most powerful battleship; Japanese flagship Yamato goes down off Okinawa with loss of 2055 crew
  • 1947  Automotive pioneer Henry Ford dies in Michigan(b. 1863)
  • 1954  In a news conference, President Eisenhower introduces “domino theory” of communist influence
  • 1978  President Carter orders development of neutron bomb put on hold as peace protestors decry “capitalist bomb”
  • 1983  U.S. astronauts perform 1st spacewalk taken from a space shuttle
  • 1994  Day after assassination of Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, genocide of Tutsi’s and pygmies begins; Rwandan genocide kills at least 500,000 in next 100 days; U.N. is impotent in face of grotesque violence
  • 2003  U.S. troops capture Baghdad, Iraq

Lost and Found – February 19th Edition

What to remember about February 19th…

  • 1674  Treaty is signed to end war between England and  Netherlands; New Amsterdam is transferred to English and renamed New York
  • 1777  Continental Congress promotes 5  to rank of Major General; Brigadier Benedict Arnold threatens to resign having been passed over
  • 1807  Former Vice President Aaron Burr is arrested for treason in Alabama; conspired to establish new country from  annexed Spanish territory
  • 1847  Rescuers arrive at camp of starving Donner Party; settlers stranded by early snow in mountains had resorted to cannibalism
  • 1878  American inventor Thomas Edison is awarded patent for phonograph
  • 1942  President Franklin Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066; authorized removal of people deemed undesirable from military areas; by June more than 100,000 Japanese on West Coast will be in internment camps
  • 1945 30,000  U.S. Marines begin invasion of Iwo Jima in South Pacific
  • 1976  President Ford revokes FDR’s Executive Order 9066
  • 1986  Soviet Union successfully launches Mir; 1st section of 1st modular space station to orbit the Earth
  • 2005 USS Jimmy Carter is christened; last Seawolf class fast attack sub

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