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Lost and Found – November 11th Edition

What to remember about November 11th…


  • 1620  Mayflower Compact is signed near Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • 1744  Future First Lady and wife of John Adams, Abigail Smith Adams is born in Weymouth, Massachusetts (d. 1818)
  • 1778  Loyalists and Native American allies surprise Colonial forces at Cooperstown, New York in Cherry Valley Massacre
  • 1831  Leader of bloody slave revolt that killed 60, Nat Turner is hanged in Virginia
  • 1834  Future President Franklin Pierce marries Jane Appleton
  • 1858  Future President James Garfield marries Lucretia Rudolph
  • 1885  WWII General George Smith Patton, Jr. is born (d. 1945)
  • 1921  President Harding dedicates Tomb of the Unknowns
  • 1966  NASA launches Gemini 12; America’s 18th manned flight and last flight of the Gemini program
  • 1993  Vietnam Women’s Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.
  • 2004  Yasser Arafat, chairman of the PLO terrorist group dies in Paris; cause of death is suspected to be complications of AIDS or possibly food poisoning
  • 2011  “Nerd New Year”; last binary date of 21st century