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Lost and Found – September 28th Edition

What to remember about September 28th…

    • 1781  Battle of Yorktown, Virginia begins; end of the siege will effectively leave America in the hands of the colonists
    • 1787  Congress votes to send the newly signed Constitution of the United States to the state legislatures for approval
    • 1891  American author Herman Melville dies in New York City
    • 1918  Flu epidemic strikes Philadelphia killing nearly 12,000; worldwide deaths will reach 20 million
    • 1928  Through a laboratory accident, Dr. Alexander Flemming discovers the antibiotic penicillin
    • 1995  President Bill Clinton presides over signing of the Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement (Oslo 2) by Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat
    • 2008  SpaceX successfully launches the Falcon 1, the first ever private spacecraft

Lost and Found – July 23rd Edition

What to remember about July 23rd…

  • 1793  American patriot Roger Sherman dies; only signer of  – the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution
  • 1862  Abraham Lincoln appoints Henry W. Halleck as General-in-Chief of all Union armies
  • 1885  President Ulysses S. Grant dies in New York
  • 1952  King Farouk I of Egypt overthrown in military coup led by Gamal Abdel Nasser
  • 1958  USS Nautilus sets sail from Pearl Harbor for historic first submerged voyage under the North Pole
  • 1967  Beginning with raid on illegal bar, 12th Street Riots begin in Detroit; 43 die and 2000 buildings destroyed by time the Army arrives
  • 1984  Miss America Vanessa Williams resigns title after Penthouse Magazine plans to print nude photos of her
  • 2005  Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists kill 88 and wound over 200 in multiple bombings in resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
  • 2012  Astronaut and physicist Dr. Sally Kristen Ride dies of cancer (b. 1951); 1st American woman in space

Sally Ride (Season 15, 1983)

Lost and Found – June 25th Edition

What to remember about June 25th…

  • 1788  Virginia becomes 10th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution
  • 1868  Florida conditionally re-admitted to the United States
  • 1876  Battle of Little Bighorn;   Native American forces led by Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeat Custer led forces in Montana
  • 1900  English Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten is born
  • 1910  Congress passes the Mann Act; makes it illegal to transport any girl or woman across state lines for “any immoral purpose”
  • 1942  Lt. Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower takes command of U.S. forces in Europe; later becomes commander of all allied forces for D-Day
  • 1950  North Korean Peoples (KPA) army crosses the 38th parallel and invades South Korea; Korean War begins
  • 1991  Slovenia and Croatia both declare their independence and secede from the formerly Soviet controlled Yugoslavia
  • 1993  Kim Campbell sworn in as 1st female Canadian prime minister
  • 1996  Islamic terrorists from Hezbollah detonate truck bomb outside barracks at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia; 19 killed and 372 injured
  • 2006  Hamas terrorists kidnap Israeli Defense Force Corporal Gilad Shalit near Gaza border; held hostage until October 18, 2011
  • 2009  Singer Michael Jackson dies at age 50 in Los Angeles

Remembering Custer’s Last Stand – Encyclopedia Britannica

Lost and Found – June 22nd Edition

What to remember about June 22nd…

  • 1775  Continental Congress authorizes issue of its 1st currency
  • 1807  British navy fires on and boards the USS Chesapeake; the  Chesapeake-Leopard Affair leads to U.S. declaration of war in 1812
  • 1911  Coronation of King George V held at Westminster Abbey
  • 1941  Germany invades Russia beginning Operation Barbarossa; more than 3 million men, 3000 tanks, and 2500 aircraft
  • 1944  President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944; G.I. Bill becomes law
  • 1945  Battle for Okinawa ends, all effective resistance is over
  • 1969  Actress/singer/movie-star Judy Garland dies at age 47
  • 1970  President Richard Nixon signs bill to lower voting age to 18; Congress later passes measure to make this the 26th Amendment
  • 1990  Checkpoint Charlie is dismantled in Berlin
  • 2008  Comedian/actor George Carlin dies

Lost and Found – June 21st Edition

What to remember about June 21st…

  • 1788  U.S. Constitution ratified by New Hampshire meaning that enough states had done so for it to go into effect (see article VII); New Hampshire admitted to the Union as 9th State
  • 1810  Future 12th President of the United States Zachary Taylor marries Margaret Smith in Kentucky
  • 1913  Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick becomes 1st woman to parachute from an airplane; later became 1st ever free-fall parachutist
  • 1939  Lou Gehrig retires from New York Yankees because of illness
  • 1940  Future 37th President of the United States Richard Nixon marries Pat Ryan in Riverside, California
  • 1942  Allied forces surrender at Tobruk, Libya
  • 1942  Japanese submarine I-25 shells Ft. Stevens in Oregon
  • 1965  Ku Klux Klan lynch mob kills 3 civil rights workers registering black voters in Meridian, Mississippi; Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman
  • 1982 John Hinckley, Jr. found not guilty by reason of insanity in trial for the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan
  • 1989  SCOTUS rules that burning the American flag is protected by the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • 2004  SpaceShipOne makes 1st privately funded human spaceflight and wins the Ansari X Prize; Pilot Mike Melvill becomes 1st non-government astronaut in history
  • 2005 Edgar Ray Killen convicted of the 1965 murders of  Schwermer, Goodman, and Chaney

Lost and Found – May 23rd Edition

What to remember about May 23rd…

  • 1701  Scottish privateer Captain William Kidd is hanged for piracy and murder
  • 1777  170 patriot raiders begin Meigs Expedition that will capture British fort at Sag Harbor, Long Island, burn 24 ships, destroy tons of supplies, and capture 90 Redcoats before returning to Connecticut
  • 1788  South Carolina becomes 8th state to ratify the Constitution
  • 1873  Canadian parliament creates North-West Mounted Police; they will later become Royal Canadian Mounted Police or “Mounties”
  • 1900  Sergeant William Harvey Carney of the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry is awarded Medal of Honor for his bravery on July 18, 1863 at James Island, South Carolina; 1st African-American to receive this award
  • 1934  Notorious criminal couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are shot to death by Texas and Louisiana state police near Sailes, Louisiana
  • 1967  Congressman sparks controversy over frequency of malfunctions in M-16 rifle recently made the standard U.S. infantry rifle
  • 1995  Damaged in the attack on April 19, remains of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City are imploded

Lost and Found – May 14th Edition

What to remember about May 14th…

  • 1787  Delegates to the Constitutional Convention begin assembling in Philadelphia in preparation for major change in American government
  • 1804  One year after the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark expedition leaves St. Louis, Missouri, on mission of exploration
  • 1864  Union troops begin 1st skirmishes of Atlanta campaign at Battle of Resaca; General Sherman’s “March to the Sea” proceeds
  • 1904  Olympic Games open for 1st time in America at St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1948  After British troops withdraw, Chairman David Ben-Gurion proclaims the State of Israel now exists; gunfire can be heard in the distance
  • 1955  Soviet Union and 7 communist satellite countries sign Warsaw Pact to counter NATO’s acceptance of West Germany as a member
  • 1961  Bus carrying Freedom Rider civil rights protesters is firebombed near Anniston, Alabama, demonstrators beaten by mob
  • 1973  NASA successfully launches America’s 1st space station into orbit; crew ofSkylab One will board 11-days later
  • 1998  American singer and actor Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra dies in a Los Angeles hospital (b. 1915); lights of Las Vegas dimmed in his memory

Lost and Found – April 28th Edition

What to remember about April 28th…

  • 1758  Founding Father,  U.S. Senator, Governor of Virginia, and future 5th President James Monroe is born in Virginia (d. 1831)
  • 1788  Maryland becomes 7th state to Ratify the U.S. Constitution
  • 1789  Captain William Bligh and 18 loyal crew of HMS Bounty set adrift in small, open boat in middle of the Pacific; Fletcher Christian leads mutiny
  • 1945  Fascist dictator of Italy Benito “Il Duce” Mussolini and his mistress are caught and killed by partisans while they flee for Switzerland
  • 1952  United States ends its post-WWII occupation of Japan in accordance with 1951 Treaty of San Francisco
  • 1965  President Lyndon Johnson orders 22,000 troops to join forces from Organization of American States in installing stable government in chaotic Dominican Republic amid fears nation could go the way of Cuba
  • 1967  Muhammad Ali refuses to be drafted into the U.S. Army and is stripped of heavyweight title; cites Muslim faith in objection to service
  • 2001  American engineer Dennis Tito becomes 1st “space tourist” when he goes into orbit with Soyuz TM-32; spends 8 days aboard International Space Station for bargain price of $20 million
  • 2011  Phillip and Nancy Garrido plead guilty in kidnapping of 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard; she was held captive in their back yard for 18 years

Lost and Found – February 7th Edition

What to remember about February 7th…

  • 1783  British defeat Spanish and French Siege of Gibraltar; largest and longest action of the American Revolution began in 1779
  • 1795  11th Amendment to U.S. Constitution is ratified; establishes sovereign immunity of states
  • 1812  Massive earthquake along New Madrid fault in Missouri causes tsunami when Mississippi River flows backwards; tremors felt as far as Boston and Washington, D.C.
  • 1963  U.S. imposes embargo on imports and re-imports as well as exports to Cuba after nationalization of American assets
  • 1964  British rock band the Beatles arrives in New York; tour brings “Beatlemania” to America for the 1st time
  • 1979  Nazi war criminal Dr. Joseph Mengele dies in Brazil from a stroke; performed horrendous “medical” experiments at Auschwitz
  • 1984  Navy Captain Bruce McCandless becomes 1st human to fly in space untethered to a spacecraft; launches from shuttle Challenger
  • 1990  Soviet Union’s Central Committee agrees to plan that will allow other political parties; ends 70-year monopoly on political power
  • 1992  European Union is created when Maastricht Treaty is signed by Ministers of member nations; goes into effect next year
  • 2002  President George W. Bush announces plan to allow “faith-based initiatives” apply for federal funding and provide social services

Bruce Mccandless 1st untethered spacewalk

Lost and Found – February 6th Edition

What to remember about February 6th…

  • 1778  Treaty of Amity and Commerce is signed in Paris by representatives of U.S. and France; trade and military assistance will aid colonies
  • 1788  Massachusetts is 6th state to ratify U.S. Constitution
  • 1820  American Colonization Society sends 1st ship of freed slaves to West African port of Freetown, Liberia
  • 1911  Future actor, Governor of California, and 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan is born in Tampico, Illinois (d. 2004)
  • 1971  NASA astronaut Alan B. Shepard drives golf ball on the Moon for “miles and miles and miles” during Apollo 14 mission
  • 1985  Reagan Doctrine announced in State of the Union speech; “Freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few; it is the universal right of all God’s children”
  • 1993  African-American tennis champion Arthur Ashe dies from complications of AIDS in New York City (b. 1943)
  • 1998  Washington National Airport renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport when President Clinton signs bill