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Lost and Found – September 30th Edition

What to remember about September 30th…

  • 1889  Wyoming becomes 1st state to approve a constitution that guarantees women the right to vote
  • 1927  Babe Ruth becomes 1st baseball player to hit 60 home runs in a single season
  • 1938  French and British prime ministers sign pact with Hitler giving him Czechoslovakia for a promise of peace
  • 1949  After 15 months, the Berlin airlift comes to an end
  • 1954  USS Nautilus is commissioned; worlds 1st nuclear submarine
  • 1955  American actor James Dean dies in a car crash
  • 1975  AH-64 Apache attack helicopter makes its 1st flight
  • 2005  A Danish newspaper publishes 12 editorial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, months later Islamic clerics use drawings to incite violence and rioting around the world (see them here)

Occupy Halloween

Liberalism and the holiday spirit.  NOW I’m scared.


Some great Halloween cartoons about the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Best Musical Campaign Ad Yet – “Vote Newt”

No matter who you are looking at during the Republican primaries, THIS is the best musical campaign ad I have come across yet.  It is done to the tune of Cee Lo Green’s song “F*** You”.  Take a listen.

(First found on HillBuzz yesterday.  Brad gets the hat tip for reminding me about it tonight on Facebook)

Los Angeles Times Calls Me A Racist

On October 24th I put up a post called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – Obama Edition.  In it I included two pictures from the net depicting Mr. and Mrs. Obama as the european royalty that they so frequently emulate.  I will repeat my crime in part here…

This collage is a commentary on the political tone deafness of a couple that sees themselves as greater than they are.  $4 million Christmas vacations in Hawaii, skipping state funerals of allied presidents for golf, and the gall to suggest that government should control what we eat while flying their own pizza chef in from a thousand miles away are all examples of their “let them eat cake” attitude.  Michelle Obama tells us herself in an upcoming show on Nickelodeon that “I Kind Of Like” being called “Your Excellency”.

So, why does this make me a racist?  Well it’s because the L.A. Times says so.

Well, here’s where the trouble starts.  This image (and the one of her husband) have been on the net for months – not just the Tuesday appearance at Gateway Pundit that they and Media Matters for America reference.  More disturbing is their characterization of the image and its use as racist.

“A baldly racist depiction of First Lady Michelle Obama that appeared Tuesday on a right-wing website is based on a 1775 portrait of Marie Antoinette by Jean-Baptiste André Gautier-Dagoty (1740-1786)…  The caricature of Obama as a profligate queen relies on the racist stereotype of an “uppity Negro,” which emerged among slave masters in an earlier American era.” – Los Angeles Times online edition January 5, 2012

How the L.A. Times gets racism out of self-important snobbery and elitism I am unsure.  What I am sure of is that I can make a stronger case about racist blog posts and editorial cartoons by just looking at the Times own publishing history.  The Jeff Danziger cartoon below appeared in their paper courtesy of their arrangements with the New York Times Syndicate.

Being no expert in leftist analysis of art, even I can see more racist connotations in this piece that the one the Times rails against.  Play along with me as we examine the Gone With The Wind references for traces of racist content.

  • film glamorizes the antebellum south during the Civil War
  • main characters are slave owners
  • supporting characters are slaves
  • comparison of Dr. Condoleezza Rice as a “house slave”
  • depiction of Dr. Rice speaking with caricatured slave dialect
  • Bonus: portrayal of barefoot woman nursing a child obviously sexist

What’s that?  The L.A. times, the New York Times Syndicate, and even Jeff Danziger’s own website have attempted to scrub the image from the net.  Maybe they realized that they had revealed a little too much of the modern liberal movement’s inherent racism.  So now their focus is to redefine racism; to obscure their own.  They wish to paint their political opponents with the brush that recently and appropriately “colored” themselves.  If they can do this successfully, maybe then I will actually be a racist.

(Hat tip on the L.A. Times story goes to Ace of Spades HQ.  Thanks guys.)

Occupy Irony… Obama Edition

So, whenever “Dear Leader” Obama heads into New York, you can write off the rest of your day if you live or work there. With the increased security measures and rerouting of air and vehicle traffic, you just ain’t getting where you want to go any time soon.  Fuggeddaboudit!

Well, last night the President and entourage descended on the “Big Apple” for a fund-raiser with big money donors.  With his 5:45pm arrival, the city descended into more than the usual traffic madness.  An added development yesterday was that commuters and dwellers had to contend with a police escorted march of Obama’s Occupy Wall Street zombies.  Also new this time was that the hundred-or-so protesters were carrying signs critical of Obama as they headed to the venue for tonight’s fundraiser.

The New York Times today even noted the change in tone among the movement. Among the signs they noted were such gems as:

  • I Sold Out!
  • Obama is a corporate puppet
  • Obama, you can’t buy our votes
  • War crimes must be stopped, no matter who does them

In recent weeks the Democrat Party fully took ownership of the Occupy movement; embracing its message of class warfare, socialism, and strife.  Forgetting the lessons of Dr. Frankenstein, President Obama and his establishment leftists now find themselves the focus of their own ironic monster.  We saw this coming weeks ago.  Enjoy!

Thanksgiving – Obama-style

Celebrate this festive day with President Obama and get in the holiday spirit.

Occupy Thanksgiving

It’s time for the next phase…  and a nap.

Occupy Wall Street Cartoons

Here’s a roundup of some of the better cartoon commentaries on the Occupy Wall Street protests.  If the whole thing wasn’t so funny, it would be sad.

Occupy Halloween

Some great Halloween cartoons about the Occupy Wall Street protests.