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Jon Huntsman wins (liberal) straw poll.

Former governor of Utah, former Obama appointed ambassador to China, and all around orange-ish looking dude Jon Huntsman is making news today.  After months of disappointing showings in the polls and debates, presidential hopeful Huntsman  wins an amazing 49% of the votes in a straw poll as the Republican “most qualified to be president” (among a slate of 11 including Palin, Giuliani,  and Christie).

Wow!  Where did this happen you ask?  Well, the commies, socialists, and progressives behind the unwashed Occupy Wall street miscreants held a straw poll at their Take Back The American Dream Conference in D.C. this week.  Organized by radical agitator Van Jones, other speakers included Rep. Barney Frank (D – MA), union attack dog Richard Trumka, Carter and Clinton economist hack Robert Reich, and a cast of familiar progressive nanny-statists.

Among the other great news out of the poll is Obama’s amazing 72% strongly approve/somewhat approve number.  The president should feel very relieved at this result as his recent national numbers had him upside down in job approval.  His administration’s proposed American Jobs Act also receives a massive thumbs up at a whopping 97% favorable rating.  In fact, 78% said that the scope of the president’s plan is too small.  The top 2 areas respondents selected for an effective path to building a stronger future were:

  • Raise tax rates on millionaires and billionaires, and impose a new financial transaction tax to help get our books in order.
  • Reduce defense spending and instead use that money for public investment at home through a community based approach that will boost local economies.

During this same conference where Obama is reaffirmed as savior of the universe and Huntsman gets his overwhelming approval as the GOP’s best and only hope, we also see that Romney comes in a strong second at 22%.  No other declared Republican candidate even drew double digits.  This is news that no real Republican campaign should hide from.  I say shout it from the rooftops.  People really need to know who the progressive choices are in the Republican field.

NOTE:  Sarcasm above. Hope you were listening

(Hat tip to Hot Air and TPM.  )

Let Them Eat Pizza!

Let Them Eat Pizza! – Posted on MySpace April 10th, 2009 at 11:33 am

Anyone that follows politics is used to hypocrisy. Our current system is so compromised by cronyism, pay-for-play, and outright fraud that we have become desensitized to it. Could this actually be part of the plan? I mean, we have the heads of the Senate and House committees on banking not just taking contributions from the bailed out but still failing banks and financial institutions they are supposed to oversee, but actually getting mortgages with their help. The savior appointed to head the Treasury Department is not only a tax cheat, he’s the guy that for 2 years formulated government financial policy leading up to the current economic crisis. There are even government agencies searching the backgrounds of private citizens because they have the temerity to question or disagree with the policies of the current administration. What happened to the rally cry of the left shouted so loudly these last 8 years… “Dissent is patriotic”? Apparently the cry can’t be heard because their mouths are full of pizza.

Here we have an administration that claims that the environment is a more critical issue than the state of the American economy. The situation is so dire that we need to regulate not just what cars you can buy, what temperature your thermostat can be set at, but even the amount of CO2 you exhale. Apparently we must be told how to act for our own safety. We, the people, are no longer competent to run our own lives in the face of this impending apocalypse. We must be ruled, ruled by those that can make tough choices and tell us of the sacrifices necessary for our future. But sacrifice is for the common man, not our ruling elite.

Our leaders must have the freedom to act on our behalf. They need the freedom to fly in private jets to tropical islands to discuss the dangers we face from our own irresponsibility. They need the freedom to tax American industries for their pollution and then give that money to other nations so that they can build their economies in an eco-friendly manner even though Americans at home need jobs. They need the freedom to monitor your home energy consumption and to limit it when they feel you are abusing the privilege of paying for the energy you use. They deserve the freedom to order take-out pizza from 800 miles away with your tax money while they compose regulations that will tax the producers of the food you eat and raise the price of your groceries. ….America truly is the land of the free.