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Vote Or Die…

… a coward’s thousand deaths.  Bill Whittle says it better than anyone when he says that a vote for ANYONE but Mitt Romney is a vote for socialism and the destruction of our republic as it was founded.  Take a moment to watch and then share it with everyone.

Ron Paul Votes To Allow Sex and Race Selective Abortions

Yesterday the House of Representatives attempted to pass H.R. 3541 The Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA) sponsored by Trent Franks (R – AZ).


To prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex or race, and for other purposes.

This bill would make it a federal crime for a doctor to perform an abortion based on the race or gender of a child.  The vote, called under a suspension of House rules limiting floor debate, failed when it did not meet the 2/3rd majority required.  When the count was complete, a clear majority of 246-168 representatives had voted to pass the bill – 30 short of the required number.  Seventeen cowards just failed to vote while twenty Democrats supported the bill (see list at the bottom of this post). The seven Republicans (not) led by Ron Paul (TX) to vote to allow the abortion of unborn children based on their race or sex are Justin Amash (Mich.), Charlie Bass (N.H.), Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Robert Dold (Ill.), Richard Hanna (N.Y.), and Nan Hayworth (N.Y.).

If you are wondering what could have been so controversial in this bill that it warranted “no” votes from these staunch defenders of life, let us look at the bill:

H.R. 3541, Section (1)(A)-(B):


Women are a vital part of American society and culture and possess the same fundamental human rights and civil rights as men.

United States law prohibits the dissimilar treatment of males and females who are similarly situated and prohibits sex discrimination in various contexts, including the provision of employment, education, housing, health insurance coverage, and athletics.

H.R. 3541, Section (2)(A)-(C):


Minorities are a vital part of American society and culture and possess the same fundamental human rights and civil rights as the majority.

United States law prohibits the dissimilar treatment of persons of different races who are similarly situated. United States law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race in various contexts, including the provision of employment, education, housing, health insurance coverage, and athletics.

A ‘‘race-selection abortion’’ is an abortion performed for purposes of eliminating an unborn child because the child or a parent of the child is of an undesired race. Race-selection abortion is barbaric, and described by civil rights advocates as an act of race-based violence, predicated on race discrimination. By definition, race-selection abortions do not implicate the health of mother of the unborn, but instead are elective procedures motivated by race bias.

There will be several directions that the Ron Paul camp can take to explain away their candidate’s support of discrimination and infanticide.  The first will almost certainly be to claim that the power to restrict abortion is not amongst the enumerated powers of the U.S. Constitution as it is currently amended.  This allows him to take political cover and spur his supporters with the “it’s unconstitutional” and “it’s a 10th Amendment/state’s rights issue” rallying cries.  But it’s crap.  I give you Amendment V in the Bill of Rights:

No person shall be… deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law

And the power to make laws enforcing this amendment are enumerated in Article I, Section 8:

… make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States,

The only way that Mr. Paul can refute this Constitutional authority is to deny the personhood of an unborn child.  I look forward to his explanation of that.

Now that the first excuse has been debunked, let us move on.  The second argument most likely to emerge in an effort to explain away Paul’s inexcusable vote allowing racist and sexist abortions is that H.R. 3541 did not go far enough.  Supporters will say that nothing short of a total ban on abortion will suffice.  Well I call that cowardice.  It took this nation 78 years and 600,000 dead to end slavery.  That cost was paid even though the Constitution eliminated the importation of slaves just 20 years after its passage.  you don’t win a war in one day and you don’t win it with one battle.  Victories are cumulative.  By voting against this bill, Representative Paul has handed the infanticide lobby a victory.

This is no intellectual exercise.  Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills are recommending every day excuses and ways for mothers kill their unborn children.  The reason can be as callous as the parents bought the wrong color baby clothes. (sarcasm alert)  Recent undercover videos show the practice is happening in the United States today.

The last spin that I will address that we will likely hear from the Paul campaign will be that the measure punishes doctors too severely for what could be called a “thought crime”.  Let us return once more to the bill:

H.R. 3541, Section 3: 


Whoever knowingly—

(1) performs an abortion knowing that such abortion is sought based on the sex, gender, color or race of the child, or the race of a parent of that child;

(2) uses force or the threat of force to intentionally injure or intimidate any person for the purpose of coercing a sex-selection or race-selection abortion;

(3) solicits or accepts funds for the performance of a sex-selection abortion or a race-selection abortion; or

(4) transports a woman into the United States or across a State line for the purpose of obtaining a sex-selection abortion or race-selection abortion; or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

The bill goes further.  It allows that:

  • Relatives may sue to prevent an abortion based on these criteria.
  •   Doctors who perform these procedures may be sued by the patient, a child that survives the procedure, or relatives of the child – including the father.
  • Groups violating this bill will be deemed as having violated title IV, section 601  of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and therefore lose their federal funding.
  • Licensed medical professionals would be required to report sex or race selective procedures.
  • Mothers can not be prosecuted for having had such a procedure

Hmmm.  Does anyone see a “thought crime” here?  I didn’t think so.

Congressman Paul has long claimed to champion conservative and pro-life causes.  He uses his credentials as a physician to support his “principles”.  First, he has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution.  He abandoned that yesterday.  Second, he has sworn a Hippocratic Oath to protect health and life.  How can his vote in opposition to H.R. 3541 yesterday be seen as anything other than another failed opportunity to defend his purported principles?

Remember, this is the guy who in 2008 was so peeved at not winning the Republican presidential nomination that he told his supporters to go out and vote for anyone else.  This suggestion included by name the avowed communist candidate Cynthia McKinney whom he was sharing the stage with that day.  If not his brand of conservatism, he prefers communism.  If not his version of pro-life, he prefers no life.


Democrats voting in favor of H.R. 3541 are Jason Altmire (Pa.), John Barrow (Ga.), Dan Boren (Okla.), Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Jerry Costello (Ill.), Mark Critz (Pa.), Henry Cuellar (Texas), Joe Donnelly (Ind.), John Garamendi (Calif.), Tim Holden (Pa.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Daniel Lipinski (Ill.), Stephen Lynch (Mass.), Jim Matheson (Utah), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Collin Peterson (Minn.), Nick Rahall (W.Va.), Silvestre Reyes (Texas), Mike Ross (Ark.) and Heath Shuler (N.C.).

A little end-of-the-year Ron Paul roundup.

Ron Paul?  Really?

I have watched this perennial candidate for almost 20 years and still can’t fathom the appeal.  Like a blind hog, he occasionally finds a conservative principle.  But, his prior racist, anti-Semitic, and truther speeches and newsletter articles are baggage that he will not drop.  When confronted on these, Dr. Pul has become the master of the “non-answer”.  Is this so he won’t lose the support his early base like Lew Rockwell, Stormfront and David Duke or losing the new support that just fears another Obama Presidency more than reason.

Check out this recent ad from Revolution PAC for a taste of how they compare America to China and Russia.  Sorry, this just doesn’t cut it.

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