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Florida Presidential Primary Day

YAY!  Silly season is almost over.  No more political flyers stuffing my mailbox, robocalls interrupting my evenings, and spam filling my inbox – at least until the general election campaign starts.

Floridians began going to the polls in early voting a few days ago, but the contest ends when the voting booths close tonight.  If you live in the sunshine state and have a photo I.D., get your butt down to the polls.  If you don’t, I don’t want to hear your b****ing about who the eventual nominee is.

This election will eventually boil down to 2 candidates; one that will turn America away from the path of  soft socialism,unconstitutional power grabs, nanny-state paternalism, and international appeasement or Barack Hussein Obama II.  In November you will have the choice to vote for a return to American values and Constitutional principles or you vote for what we have now.

Best Musical Campaign Ad Yet – “Vote Newt”

No matter who you are looking at during the Republican primaries, THIS is the best musical campaign ad I have come across yet.  It is done to the tune of Cee Lo Green’s song “F*** You”.  Take a listen.

(First found on HillBuzz yesterday.  Brad gets the hat tip for reminding me about it tonight on Facebook)

Gingrich fires back at Romney.

Throughout the debates, Newt Gingrich has refused to fall into the mainstream media’s desired candidate cannibalism mode.  He has refused to allow their false-premise questions and strawman arguments to shape the conversation that American conservatives are having over who will be their champion in the battle to beat Obama.

Last night in his speech after the Iowa Caucus results, the former Speaker said he will still refrain from lowering the tone of his campaign by engaging in attack ads.  However, he did reserve the right to speak the truth.  Today he demonstrates that with a new full-page ad in New Hampshire.


“Newt Now” video up on YouTube

I have watched the former Speaker’s career for decades.  He is intelligent, articulate, courageous, and unafraid to admit that he is as human and capable of error as the rest of us.  Does that make him the only adult in the race?  Watch the video and see what you think of his plan for restoring America.

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