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Even Blue New York Gets It – Papers Endorse Romney

We have seen over the past week a large number of newspapers defect from President Obama.  These are major papers that wholeheartedly endorsed “hope and change” in the 2008 election.

Now today, after the President took his victory lap of disaster struck New York and then scuttled back to his campaigning, even that city’s papers have turned on him.  The New York Post not only endorsed Mitt Romney in today’s paper, the included a scathing review of the failures and disappointments of Obama’s last four years.  They call it “Our choice for America’s future: The Daily News endorses Mitt Romney for president” and it is well worth the read.

Vote Or Die…

… a coward’s thousand deaths.  Bill Whittle says it better than anyone when he says that a vote for ANYONE but Mitt Romney is a vote for socialism and the destruction of our republic as it was founded.  Take a moment to watch and then share it with everyone.

On The Side Of The Road

I’m glad to see people working to get the word out far and wide as to how important the outcome of this election is.

Billboard at the intersection of M40 and Blue Star near Saugatuck, MI.

(From Dave S. in my e-mail… thanks)

Dear College Kids…

Tweet sent to me by my friend Brad:

Dear college kids: trust me on this, having a job when you graduate is WAY more ‘cool’ than voting for Barack Obama. I PROMISE. #Mitt2012


Fantastic Movie Quote

This is one  of my all time favorite movie scenes.  Kenneth Branagh really delivers in the movie version of William Shakespeare’s classic Henry V.  This is a truly inspirational speech.  It is perfect for getting you in the mood to carry us through to election day.  Enjoy.


Obama Full Of Horsesh*t At Last Debate

So last night,  true to form, the President decided to deliver a whole host of whoppers and zingers instead of substantive answers on important national security issues.  As Commander-in-Chief you would expect Obama would acknowledge that lower numbers of ships spread across the same size oceans results in longer cruises, more crew fatigue, and shorter equipment life cycles.  You would expect that he would understand that the Marine Corps and Army still have procured over 500,000 bayonets since 1984 and they continue to train extensively in their use for the close quarters engagements that are so common in low intensity conflicts like Afghanistan.  At least he should be familiar with recent conflicts and how our troops have been engaging and destroying the enemy.  This last item is especially telling as his own Vice President attended last years dedication of the America’s Response Memorial.

I mention this memorial specifically because it was raised, through private funding, to recognize those special operations soldiers deployed in the first weeks following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001  It depicts a special operations soldier mounted on an Afghan war stallion while traversing mountainous terrain..  Sculpted by Douwe Blumberg, it was inspired by photos shared at the announcement of troop involvement in Afghanistan.

Alex Quade produced an award winning mini-documentary called Secret Mission: The Horse Soldiers of 9/11.  The Daily Caller has been kind enough to host it on their site.  The soldiers profiled in the film share a lot of inspirational stories and details about the early days of America’s response to the 9/11 attacks.  This is one of my favorite bits:

“It was like out of the Old Testament,” says Lt. Col. Max Bowers, retired Green Beret, who commanded the three horseback teams. “You expected Cecil B. DeMille to be filming and Charlton Heston to walk out.”

President Obama’s callous and politically calculated amnesia at the debate dishonors these warriors and all those who followed behind them.  They deserve a real Commander-in-Chief even more than America needs a new president.

If you want more information on these heroes who rode to war on horseback, you can read the fantastic Doug Stanton book called Horse SoldiersAlso, you should check out the U.S. Army M-9 bayonet and the U.S.M.C’s OKC3S bayonet.  You can never be too prepared.

UPDATE:  My father was in the Navy so I can’t let this tidbit slide.  Someone needs to remind America’s self-anointed 4th Smartest President that ships that go under water have been sunk.  Submarines are called “boats”.

Uncle Chuckles – A Serious Man For Serious Times.

Vice President Joe Biden (aka Uncle Chuckles) and Congressman Paul Ryan had their debate tonight.  this was supposed to be the substantive debate between serious policy experts.  Just how seriously did “good ol’ Joe” take it… and consequently, the plight of America and her people?

This is the guy one heartbeat away from the Presidency?  (shudder)

Wow! This About Sums Up The Choices This Election.

Great new video from Ben Howe.

(Hat tip to Ace of Spades HQ for finding this.)

Best Post-Debate Roundup (Taiwanese)

Last night the candidates for President met for the first time in a debate setting.  You’ve probably seen the spin machines already at work and had your e-mail inundated.  For a brief but complete (and absolutely hilarious) roundup of the debate, watch below.

You almost don’t need the subtitles.

Presidential Submission

The literal translation of the word Islam is submission.  I pray that this story isn’t true – “State Department Considering Talks to Transfer ‘Blind Sheikh” to Egypt” .  If this is accurate, it would a betrayal of not just the victims of the ’93 World Trade Center bombings, but the victims of 9/11 and all our service people who have sacrificed since in Iraq ans Afghanistan.

Of course, this could just be the worst kind of “trial balloon” floating by a White House that finds itself prostrate and impotent before Muslim radicals. Three plus years of apologies, appeasement and political correctness have failed to buy us security.  We need to know NOW if there is any truth to the story.  Ace of Spades HQ has it right.  “Put ‘Em Under Oath: Bring in Hillary and her top underlings and ask the question, under oath.”

That we could even think this of an American president shows just how weak our foreign policy makes our nation look.  But after we learned of the administration’s role in the release of the Libyan mastermind of the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, anything seems possible.

Clint Eastwood could have easily added this to his speech at the Republican National Convention.

My response, as always, is this…

I will NOT submit.