Lost and Found – December 12th Edition

What to remember about December 12th…

    • 1787  Pennsylvania become 2nd state to ratify the Constitution
    • 1870  Joseph H. Rainey is seated as 1st African-American directly elected United States Congressman
    • 1917  Father Edward J. Flannagan founds Boys Town in Nebraska; village for education of wayward boys still in operation today
    • 1941  Adolf Hitler announces in his offices that “destruction of the Jews must be (the war’s) necessary consequence”.
    • 1985  Charter flight returning from Cairo crashes in Newfoundland killing 248 members of U.S. 101st Airborne Division
    • 2000  Supreme Court issues ruling effectively deciding result of presidential election; Equal Protection Clause was violated when counties applied differing standards to recounts; Bush wins

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