Lost and Found – December 3rd Edition

What to remember about December 3rd…

    • 1818  Illinois is admitted to the Union as 21st state
    • 1833  Oberlin College opens in Ohio; 1st co-ed college in America
    • 1964  Over 800 students arrested at sit-in of University of California at Berkley; protest of Regents new no protest policy
    • 1967  In South Africa, 1st human heart transplant is performed
    • 1973  NASA’s Pioneer 10 probe sends back 1st ever close-up images of Jupiter
    • 1984  Explosion at Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India kills at least 2000; 200,000 injured by release of poison gas
    • 1997  Over 120 countries sign the Ottawa Treaty banning manufacturing and use of anti-personnel landmines
    • 2010  U.S. Air Force X-37 unmanned Orbital Test Vehicle returns to Earth after 7-and-a-half month secret mission


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