Lost and Found – November 7th Edition

What to remember about November 7th…

    • 1811  Surprise attack by Native American Confederation is repulsed by forces of Indiana Territory at Battle of Tippecanoe
    • 1872  “Ghost ship” Mary Celeste sets sail from New York; she will be found deserted at sea still under sail
    • 1874  Cartoon in Harper’s Weekly by Thomas Nast is 1st use of the elephant as a symbol for the Republican Party (pic below)
    • 1916  Jeannette Rankin of Montana becomes 1st woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives
    • 1917  British forces defeat forces of Ottoman Empire at 3rd Battle of Gaza taking control of the province
    • 1917  Bolshevik revolutionaries overthrow Kerensky’s provisional government; Leninists come to power in Russian Revolution
    • 1944  Franklin D. Roosevelt wins 4th term as president
    • 1973  Congress overrides President Nixon’s veto of War Powers Resolution
    • 1980 Hollywood leading man Steve McQueen dies of mesothelioma; cancer may have come from asbestos in his racing suits
    • 1983  Bomb detonated inside U.S. Senate by May 19th Communist Movement to protest policies of the government
    • 1991  NBA star Magic Johnson announces he is infected with HIV and will be retiring from basketball


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