Lost and Found – October 23rd Edition

What to remember about October 23rd…

    • 1777  A British fleet is defeated with 2 ships destroyed at Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania
    • 1835  Vice President Adlai Stevenson is born in Christian County, Kentucky (d. 1914)
    • 1890  President Benjamin Harrison extends borders of Nebraska to include Dakota territory ending indian territorial claims
    • 1921  Body of Americas 1st Unknown Soldier is selected in France
    • 1942  American author and director Michael Crichton is born in Chicago, Illinois; best known for medical thrillers and sci-fi
    • 1944  4-day Battle of Leyte Gulf begins in the Philippine Sea; largest naval engagement in history leads to Allied victory
    • 1965  Operation Silver Bayonet begun by 1st Cavalry Division in Pleiku Province of Vietnam
    • 1983  Muslim suicide bomber attacks peacekeepers barracks in Beirut, Lebanon; 220 U.S. Marines, 18 sailors, and 3 soldiers killed by the 2000-pound truck bomb
    • 1996  Civil trial of O.J. Simpson begins; jury will find him liable in the deaths of Nocole Simpson and Ron Goldman
    • 2002  Chechen Muslim terrorists seize over 800 hostages at a theater in Moscow; siege ends with more than 120 dead on the 26th


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