Lost and Found – October 18th Edition

What to remember about October 18th…

    • 1767  Mason and Dixon finish their survey of the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland
    • 1779  British forces defeat month-long siege  by colonial forces attempting to retake the city of Savannah, Georgia
    • 1867  U.S. takes possession of Alaska after paying $7.2 million to Russia; price is less than 2 cents per acre
    • 1898  U.S. formally takes control of island of Puerto Rico
    • 1931  American industrialist and inventor Thomas Alva Edison dies at home in New Jersey (b. 1847)
    • 1954  Texas instruments announces the 1st transistor radio
    • 1982  Former First Lady of the United States Bess Truman dies (b. 1885)

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