Lost and Found – October 10th Edition

What to remember about October 10th…

    • 0732  Coalition of Christian forces defeats Moorish army at Battle of Tours; ends Muslim expansion into Western Europe
    • 1845  United States Naval Academy opens at Annapolis, Maryland with a class of 50 midshipmen
    • 1944  Over 800 Gypsy children are gassed to death at Auschwitz
    • 1971  London Bridge reopens after it is dismantled, moved, and reassembled in Lake Havasu, Arizona
    • 1973  Vice President Spiro Agnew becomes 1st to resign in disgrace after pleading no-contest to tax evasion charges
    • 1985  U.S. fighter planes force plane carrying escaping terrorists from the Achille Lauro attack to land in Italy
    • 1985  American director, actor, and screenwriter Orson Welles dies in Hollywood, California

Columbus Day Celebrated – U.S.A.


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