Lost and Found – October 7th Edition

What to remember about October 7th…

    • 1571  Muslim fleet is crushed at Battle of Lepanto; Christian forces halt expansion of the Ottoman Empire
    • 1780  Patriot militia show their strength defeating a British force at Battle of King’s Mountain in North Carolina
    • 1864  Rebel forces under General Lee fail to drive Union troops from their defenses at Battle of Darbytown outside Richmond
    • 1918  Football stunner: Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland college 222-0; Tech carries the ball 978 yards
    • 1944  Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland stage uprising; guards attacked, crematoria blown up, and a massive escape attempt; Nazis execute all they can capture
    • 1985  Palestinian (PLO) muslim terrorists hijack cruise ship Achille Lauro; days-long hostage crisis begins
    • 2001  President George Bush announces that American forces have begun offensive operations in Afghanistan in response to the September 11 attacks; over 40 nations join the effort
    • 2003  Austrian born American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected governor of California in recall election

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