Lost and Found – September 13th Edition

What to remember about September 13th…

    • 1814  Francis Scott Key watches 25-hour bombardment of Ft. McHenry during War of 1812; writes poem that will become “The Star Spangled Banner
    • 1851  U.S. Amy physician Major Walter Reed is born; his discovery of transmission of Yellw Fever by mosquitos allowed completion of the Panama Canal
    • 1862  Union troops discover the Confederate battle plan for Antietam in trash of an evacuated campsite; General McClellan dawdles
    • 1922  Hottest day on record when the temperature at Al ‘Aziziyah, Libya reaches 136.0 °F (57.8 °C)
    • 1959  USSR reaches on the Moon with unmanned Luna 2 spacecraft
    • 1971  Prison riot at Attica, New York ends with 39 dead
    • 1993  Representatives of Israel and Palestine meet at the White House and sign “Declaration of Principles”; 1st agreement between the 2 sides towards ending their conflict
    • 1996  Hip hop star Tupac Shakur dies in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting

Fort Mchenry Flag at the Smithsonian

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