National Airborne Day

Don’t forget to hug a paratrooper today.  It’s National Airborne Day!

I was terrified of heights as a kid and I hated that feeling.  In Boy Scouts, I forced myself to learn to repel and rock climb to get rid of the fear; but it was still there.  So, when I joined the Army, I decided that to truly get rid of the fear I needed to volunteer for airborne duty.  I reported for training at Fort Benning and  3-weeks, a couple thousand push ups, and 5 jumps later I proudly graduated with my Airborne Wings. 

Funny thing is, I was still afraid of heights.  What I learned though was that the fear never goes away.  You just need to have faith to become strong enough to conquer what will aways be there.

This link will bring you to a collection of paratrooper and soldier prayers – many said or written on the eve of battle.  I hope that they can give you comfort and strength as they have so many of America’s brave defenders.  The one below is one of my favorites.

3 responses to “National Airborne Day

  1. I wonder why my calender didn’t have this on it. It seems to have every other National this or that. And here I have a paratrooper web site!! Talk about a red face!!