Lost and Found – July 10th Edition

What to remember about July 10th…

  • 1777  British General Richard Prescott captured by Colonials… again
  • 1850  Millard Fillmore sworn in as 13th President of the United States after sudden death of President Zachary Taylor
  • 1856  American inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla is born
  • 1890  Wyoming becomes 44th state in the Union
  • 1925  Science teacher John Scopes is found guilty of violating Tennessee’s Butler Act prohibiting teaching of evolution
  • 1938  American businessman, aviator, and engineer Howard Hughes completes flight around the world in record 91 hours
  • 1940  Germans launch campaign of aerial bombing raids against Great Britain; Battle of Britain begins lasting 114 days
  • 1962  NASA launches Telstar 1; AT&T satellite is worlds first orbital communications relay; allows for TV, fax, and phone transmission
  • 1985  Coca-Cola gives up on New Coke and resumes old formula
  • 1985  Two French agents plant a bomb sinking Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior docked in New Zealand; photojournalist dies
  • 1989  Mel Blanc the “man of a thousand voices” dies in L.A. (b. 1908); known as voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and more

Mel Blanc – man of a thousand voices

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