Lost and Found – July 5th Edition

What to remember about July 5th…

  • 1775 – Continental Congress adopts “Olive Branch” petition by John Dickinson; appeals for reconciliation with Great Britain
  • 1864 – Union forces win Battle of Paces Ferry near Atlanta
  • 1865 – President Andrew Johnson signs order confirming the sentences given to the conspirators tried for Lincoln’s assassination
  • 1865 – William Booth founds Salvation Army in London, England
  • 1865  U.S. Secret Service is commissioned to suppress counterfeiting
  • 1891  Phineas Taylor “P.T.” Barnum born in Bethel, Connecticut; founder of Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus
  • 1947 – Larry Doby becomes 1st African-American player in baseball’s American League
  • 1950  Israeli Knesset enacts Law of Return granting rights of return, settlement, and citizenship to Jews
  • 1989 – Oliver North sentenced to 3 years jail (suspended), 2 years probation, and a $150,000 fine; conviction overturned on appeal


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