Lost and Found – July 2nd Edition

What to remember about July 2nd…

  • 1776  Continental Congress adopts Richard Henry Lee’s resolution for independence from Great Britain; vote is unanimous
  • 1839  Africans aboard Spanish slave ship Amistad free themselves and take over the ship
  • 1881  President James Garfield shot by assassin; dies September 19
  • 1937  Amelia Earhart and navigator Frederick Noonan reported missing and presumed lost during attempt to fly around the world
  • 1964  President Lyndon B. Johnson signs Civil Rights Act into law
  • 1980  President Jimmy Carter signs act re-establishing the Selective Service (draft) registration requirement for men 18-26 years old
  • 1990  1,426 pilgrims die in stampede during Hajj to Mecca
  • 1993  Muslim mob sets fire to hotel in Sivas, Turkey killing 37 to protest the appearance of the translator of Salman Rushdie’s works
  • 1997  Oscar-winning Actor and retired Air Force Major General James “Jimmy” Stewart dies at age 89 in Beverly Hills, CA
  • 1992  1 millionth Chevy Corvette is built


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