Lost and Found – June 29th Edition

What to remember about June 29th…

  • 1613  Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is destroyed by fire
  • 1776  Constitution of Virginia is adopted
  • 1861  Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning dies
  • 1886  Famed African-American photographer James Van Der Zee is born in Lenox, MA; leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance
  • 1897  Chicago Colts (Cubs) set record for most runs scored in a single game; 36-7 vs. Louisville
  • 1927  U.S. Army Air Corps Bird of Paradise completes 1st flight from U.S. mainland to Hawaiian Islands
  • 1967  Israel removes barricades in Jerusalem reuniting the city
  • 1972  SCOTUS rules in Furman v. Georgia that the death penalty unconstitutional; in 1977 new guidelines make it legal once again
  • 1974  World-renowned ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov defects from Soviet Union while touring with Bolshoi Ballet
  • 2003  Actress Katharine Hepburn dies at 96 in Connecticut

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