Lost and Found – June 13th Edition

What to remember about June 13th…

  • 1777  19-year old Marquis de Lafayette arrives in South Carolina to join General George Washington and the Continental Army
  • 1798  Mission San Luis Rey founded in what will become California
  • 1807  President Thomas Jefferson subpoenaed in treason trial of Aaron Burr;  Jefferson refuses citing executive privilege
  • 1942  President Roosevelt authorizes the establishment of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – predecessor of the CIA
  • 1944  1st German V-1 rockets launched at London
  • 1966  SCOTUS hands down decision in Miranda v. Arizona; established practice for police to “read you your rights”
  • 1967  Thurgood Marshall appointed to SCOTUS; 1st African-American to be seated on the highest court in the land
  • 1983  World’s 1st outer-planetary probe NASA’s Pioneer 10 leaves the solar system; in roughly 30,000 years it will reach constellation Taurus
  • 1994  Ryne Sandberg (Chicago Cubs 2nd baseman) retires as a player; forfeits 15 million dollar contract
  • 1997   Jury recommends the death penalty for Timothy McVeigh in the 1995  bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City
  • 2005  Pop singer Michael Jackson is acquitted on all 14 counts in case alleging child molestation and conspiracy

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