Lost and Found – June 6th Edition

What to remember about June 6th…

  • 1639 General Court of Massachusetts grants 500 acres for the establishment of the first gunpowder mill in America
  • 1664 New Amsterdam transferred to British and is renamed New York City
  • 1755 Nathan Hale born ; hanged by British September 22, 1776; states “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” before
  • 1775  Marinus Willett and Sons of Liberty confront evacuating British soldiers in New York and seize five wagon loads of weapons
  • 1862  Battle of Memphis; Confederate fleet destroyed and Union takes effective control of Memphis and the Mississippi River
  • 1892  Benjamin Harrison becomes 1st sitting president to attend a professional baseball game and throw out the 1st pitch
  • 1918  US Marines begin Battle of Belleau Wood; for his heroic actions, Gunnery Sergeant Ernest A Janson earns 1st Medal of Honor awarded in WWI
  • 1921  William “Big Bill” Gatewood pitches the first no-hitter in the Negro National League beating the Cincinnati Cuban Stars
  • 1932  1st federal gasoline tax created by Revenue Act of 1932
  • 1933  1st drive-in theater opens; Camden, New Jersey
  • 1942  Japanese invade Kiska Island in the Aleutians (Alaska) taking U.S. Navy weather detachment prisoner
  • 1944  Operation Overlord (D-Day) begins; 6000 ships and landing craft carrying 176,000 troops, 822 aircraft carrying paratroopers, 13,000 other aircraft provide support and air cover; Baseball cancels all games to honor the troops
  • 1949  George Orwell’s classic dark futurist novel “1984″ is published
  • 1966  Republican civil rights activist James Meredith shot and wounded by a white supremacist during March Against Fear
  • 1977  SCOTUS rules in Coker v. Georgia that imposition of the death penalty for rape constitutes cruel and unusual punishment
  • 1982 Operation Peace For Galilee (First Lebanon War) begins with IDF invasion of southern Lebanon, attack is in response to over 200 PLO attacks in pervious year and assassination of Israeli diplomat
  • 1984  Tetris is released; one of the best-selling video games of all time

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