Lost and Found – May 17th Edition

What to remember about May 17th…

  • 1792  New York Stock Exchange is founded when 24 brokers sign agreement under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street in New York
  • 1827  At 18 years of age, future 17th President Andrew Johnson marries 16-year-old Eliza McCardle
  • 1863  Union troops win Battle of Big Black River forcing Confederates into besieged Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • 1943  Flight crew of the Memphis Belle becomes the first B-17 Flying Fortress crew to complete 25 missions over Europe
  • 1954  Supreme Court rules in Brown v. Board of Education that racial segregation in public educational facilities is unconstitutional
  • 1970  Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl begins sailing a papyrus boat across the Atlantic; proves ancient Africans could have made the trip
  • 1974  500 LAPD officers lay siege to hideout of Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA); gun battle and fire leaves 6 terrorists dead; kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst is not found
  • 1987  Iraqi Mirage F1 fighter launches 2 Exocet anti-ship missiles at frigate USS Stark killing 37 and wounding 21 during Iran-Iraq War
  • 1996  President Clinton signs new “Megan’s Law” requiring states to notify communities when sex offenders move into their area

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