Lost and Found – May 13th Edition

What to remember about May 13th…

  • 1607  100 colonists land on the James River in Virginia to found 1st permanent English colony in North America; Jamestown will be its name
  • 1861  Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom issues proclamation declaring neutrality and recognizing rebellious states
  • 1863  General Grant splits his army to win control of the Mississippi; half advance to take Jackson while the rest pin defenders in Vicksburg
  • 1865  More than a month after surrender of the Confederacy, last skirmish of the civil war ends with rebel victory in Battle of Palmito Ranch in Texas
  • 1940  In accepting position as Prime Minister, Winston Churchill declares Britain will “wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny”
  • 1963  SCOTUS rules in Brady v. Maryland that the prosecution in a criminal trial must reveal exculpatory evidence; “Brady disclosure” is established
  • 1971  11-year-old Steveland Hardaway Morris signs contract with Tamla Records; “Stevie Wonder” will become Motown Records defining artist
  • 1981  Turkish assassin attempts to murder Pope John Paul II
  • 1985  Police confront radical cult MOVE in Philadelphia dropping bomb on building roof to end siege; ensuing fire kills 11 and destroys a city block
  • 2010  State of Hawaii enacts law permitting officials to ignore requests to view the birth certificate of  President Barack Hussein Obama II



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