Lost and Found – April 6th Edition

What to remember about April 6th…

  • 1776  Continental Congress opens American ports to all shipping, not just British flagged vessels
  • 1830  At a meeting of fellow believers, John Smith organizes Mormon church in Fayette Township, New York
  • 1841  President John Tyler is inaugurated; 1st to assume the office after death of another President
  • 1862  Union and Confederate forces clash in one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War; Battle of Shiloh, Pennsylvania begins
  • 1896  Opening ceremony for 1st modern-day Olympics are held in Athens, Greece
  • 1909  Expedition led by American explorer Robert Peary reaches North Pole; some dispute the claim of 1st successful expedition
  • 1917  House of Representatives approves declaration of war
  • 1965  NASA successfully places Intelsat I into orbit; “Early Bird” is 1st commercial geosynchronous communications satellite
  • 1973  In Major League Baseball, American League begins using designated hitter rule
  • 2012  Inspirational American painter Thomas Kinkade dies (b. 1958)


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