Lost and Found – April 1st Edition

What to remember about April 1st…

April Fools Day

  • 1621  Wampanoag tribe signs defensive treaty with colonists at Plymouth in Massachusetts; lasts more than 50 years
  • 1700  Date becomes popularized as a pranksters holiday in England
  • 1789  In New York City, U.S. House of Representatives elects Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg (PA) as 1st Speaker of the House
  • 1865  Union forces cut supply lines for Lee’s army with victory at Battle of Five Forks; Confederates begin withdrawal from Petersburg and Richmond
  • 1924  Adolf Hitler is convicted and sentenced to 5 years for failed attempt to seize control of German government; writes Mein Kampf in prison
  • 1945  50,000 troops make landing unopposed during invasion of Japanese island of Okinawa; new tactic draws allies inland
  • 1946  Earthquake off Alaska spawns 30-foot tall tsunami that strikes Hawaii killing over 100; prompts creation of Seismic SeaWave Warning System
  • 1948  Soviet troops stop and attempt to search U.S. and British military trains en route to supply West Berlin; tensions over control city mount
  • 1954  United States Air Force Academy is founded at Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 1970  President Nixon signs into law a total ban on cigarette advertizing by television or radio; adds Surgeon General’s warning to packaging
  • 1976  Apple Computer is founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne; Wayne sells his shares soon after for $2300
  • 2001  U.S. Navy EP-3E ARIES II collides with Chinese fighter and is forced to land in China; crew is detained after destroying their classified equipment; Chinese intelligence service dismantles and examines aircraft
  • 2010  Congress cuts Medicare reimbursements to physicians by 21%as part of Obama’s Affordable Care Act


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