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Lost and Found – February 19th Edition

What to remember about February 19th…

  • 1674  Treaty is signed to end war between England and  Netherlands; New Amsterdam is transferred to English and renamed New York
  • 1777  Continental Congress promotes 5  to rank of Major General; Brigadier Benedict Arnold threatens to resign having been passed over
  • 1807  Former Vice President Aaron Burr is arrested for treason in Alabama; conspired to establish new country from  annexed Spanish territory
  • 1847  Rescuers arrive at camp of starving Donner Party; settlers stranded by early snow in mountains had resorted to cannibalism
  • 1878  American inventor Thomas Edison is awarded patent for phonograph
  • 1942  President Franklin Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066; authorized removal of people deemed undesirable from military areas; by June more than 100,000 Japanese on West Coast will be in internment camps
  • 1945 30,000  U.S. Marines begin invasion of Iwo Jima in South Pacific
  • 1976  President Ford revokes FDR’s Executive Order 9066
  • 1986  Soviet Union successfully launches Mir; 1st section of 1st modular space station to orbit the Earth
  • 2005 USS Jimmy Carter is christened; last Seawolf class fast attack sub

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Lost and Found – February 18th Edition

What to remember about February 18th…

  • 1856  The American Party, also called the “Know-Nothing Party” hold 1st convention in Philadelphia to nominate presidential candidate
  • 1861  Jefferson Davis in inaugurated provisional President of the Confederacy; he will be 1st and last to hold that office
  • 1885  Samuel Clemens writing as Mark Twain publishes his novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • 1929  1st winners of the Academy Awards are announced; without ceremony the list is published in newsletter and page 7 of Variety
  • 1930  American astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh discovers the dwarf planet Pluto using new techniques at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona
  • 1942  Japanese forces begin systematic extermination of “undesirable elements” in recently captured Singapore; tens-of-thousands killed
  • 1977  NASA test vehicle Space Shuttle Enterprise makes maiden “piggy back” flight atop converted Boeing 747
  • 2001  FBI agent Robert Hanssen is arrested for selling secrets to Russia and the Soviet Union over 22 years; he was paid 1.4 million in cash and diamonds; guilty plea results in life in prison with no possibility of parole
  • 2001  Legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Sr. dies in crash at Daytona 500 race (b. 1951)
  • 2010  President Obama meets with Dalai Lama at the White House to send strong message to China over human rights – see photo below

Lost and Found – February 17th Edition

What to remember about February 17th…

  • 1621  Miles Standish is elected by Pilgrim’s as 1st commander of Plymouth Colony
  • 1801  After 35 unsuccessful votes in Electoral College, Thomas Jefferson is elected 3rd President of the United States
  • 1864  Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley is 1st combat sub to sink an enemy warship with attack on USS Housatonic off Charleston, S.C.
  • 1865  After wintering in Savannah, Sherman’s army moves into South Carolina capturing and burning city of Columbia
  • 1947  Voice of America radio program begins broadcasting into Soviet Union; brings taste of U.S.A. to the dark side of “Iron Curtain”
  • 1974  Army private Robert K. Preston steals UH-1 helicopter to hover over White House as protest; he lands on the south lawn
  • 1979  China invades Vietnam in response to overthrow of Pol Pot’s Cambodian regime by Vietnamese forces
  • 2011  “Day of Rage” protest in Libya and around the world mark beginning of civil war; some police forces join demonstrators

Lost and Found – February 16th Edition

What to remember about February 16th…

  • 1786  Future 5th President of the U.S. James Monroe marries Elizabeth Kortright despite her family lack of money
  • 1804  Navy Lieutenant Stephen Decatur and 80 volunteers enter Tripoli harbour in disguised vessel to board the captured USS Philadelphia; they retake and burn her to deny Muslim pirates the prize
  • 1862  General Ulysses S. Grant earns nickname “Unconditional Surrender” Grant with capture of Fort Donelson in Tennessee
  • 1920  Army Brigadier General Anna Mae Hays is born; 1st woman in the U.S. Military to be promoted to general officer rank
  • 1923  After more than 5 years searching, British archaeologist Howard Carter finally enters burial chamber of King Tutankhamen
  • 1959  Communist guerilla Fidel Castro sworn in as president of Cuba
  • 1960  Nuclear-powered submarine USS Triton leaves Groton, Connecticut to begin worlds 1st submerged circumnavigation of the globe
  • 1985  Sheik Ibrahim al-Amin issues manifesto of Hezbollah; Iranian-sponsored terrorist group is officially born after years of secrecy
  • 1997  25-year-old Jeff Gordon becomes youngest NASCAR driver to win Daytona 500 race
  • 2005  Kyoto Protocols global warming agreement goes into effect after Russian ratification puts number of signatories over the top

Lost and Found – February 15th Edition

What to remember about February 15th…

  • 1726  Founding father Abraham Clark is born in New Jersey; signer of Declaration of Independence and U.S. Representative
  • 1764  French fur traders Pierre Laclède and Auguste Chouteau build fort on site of what is now St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1879  President Rutherford Hayes signs bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before Supreme Court of the United States
  • 1898  Battleship USS Maine explodes and sinks in harbor at Havana, Cuba; investigation reveals mine as cause; attacker unknown but incident heightens tensions that lead to Spanish-American War
  • 1903 Toy shop owner places 1st stuffed “Teddy bears” in his window for sale; he wrote to Roosevelt to get permission to use his nickname
  • 1933 Giuseppe Zangara attempts to assassinate President-elect Franklin Roosevelt during speech in Miami, Florida; missed and kills Chicago mayor Anton Cermak; he is executed just 10 days after conviction
  • 1942  British forces surrender Singapore to Japanese forces after week-long siege; 60,000 troops captured and sent to prison camps
  • 1946  World’s 1st general purpose computer is dedicated at University of Pennsylvania; ENIAC heralds new frontier in technology
  • 1965  Canada adopts maple leaf design for its national flag
  • 1998  After more than 2 decades of attempts, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. wins his 1st Daytona 500 NASCAR race

Lost and Found – February 14th Edition

What to remember about February 14th…

  • 278   Priest named Valentine is beaten to death and then beheaded for continuing to perform marriages despite Emperor Claudius II’s ban
  • 1779  Outnumbered and divided Patriots surprise Georgia loyalists at Kettle Creek; Colonel Andrew Pickens and Colonel John Dooly lead them to 1st significant victory in the colony
  • 1779  British Explorer James Cook is killed by native mob on Hawaiian Island of Kealakekua
  • 1818  American Author, abolitionist, and former slave Frederick Douglas is born in Maryland (d. 1895)
  • 1835  Joseph Smith’s Three Witnesses choose 12 men to be anointed as “apostles” creating the Quorum of Twelve of the Mormon church
  • 1859  Oregon is admitted to the Union as 33rd state
  • 1912  Arizona is admitted to the Union as 48th state
  • 1920  League of Women Voters is founded in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1929  At headquarters of Chicago gangster “Bugs” Moran, 4 men dressed as police line up 7 employees against a wall and shoot them
  • 1945  President Franklin Roosevelt meets with King Ibn Saud aboard USS Quincy to establish diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia, secure weapons for oil agreement, and support for Jewish homeland in Palestine
  • 1979  U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Adolph Dubs is kidnapped by muslim terrorists in Kabul; he is killed during rescue attempt
  • 1989  Iranian Ayatola issues fatwa instructing muslims to murder British author Salman Rushdie for heresy and apostacy

Lost and Found – February 13th Edition

What to remember about February 13th…

  • 1633  Italian astronomer and mathematician Gallileo Gallilei arrives in Rome to face the inquisition on charges of heresy
  • 1861  Army surgeon Colonel Bernard J.D. Irwin begins rescue mission that will earn him Medal of Honor; 1st military action for which the award will be given
  • 1905  President Theodore Roosevelt gives speech announcing plan to improve race relations and civil rights; Wilson administration will reverse these and codify segregation in government and the military
  • 1945  Dresden, German is destroyed when hundreds of British bombers drop thousands of incendiaries; thousands killed and city destroyed
  • 1960  France joins the nuclear fraternity with atmospheric detonation of their 1st atomic bomb in Algerian desert
  • 1965  President Lyndon Johnson authorizes Operation Rolling Thunder; massive bombing campaign that will last for years
  • 1970  Black Sabbath releases their debut album of the same name; 1st heavy metal album produced
  • 2007  Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney announces candidacy for the 2008 presidential race
  • 2008  Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens testifies before Congress and denies usiog performance enhancing drugs

Lost and Found – February 12th Edition

What to remember about February 12th…

  • 1733  British general and MP James Oglethorpe founds Georgia as 13th English colony with Savannah as its 1st city
  • 1789  American patriot Ethan Allen dies of stroke in Vermont (b. 1738); famous leader of Green Mountain Boys and victor of Fort Tigonderoga
  • 1809  Future 16th President Abraham Lincoln is born in Hodgeville, Kentucky (d. 1865)
  • 1909  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is founded
  • 1924  In New York City, George Gershwin’s jazz classic Rhapsody in Blue is performed for the 1st time; billed as “exeriment in modern music”
  • 1935  Navy airship USS Macon crashes and sinks in bad weather off California coast just 2 years after the loss of sister ship USS Akron
  • 1973  142 of the last 591 U.S. POW’s are released in Hanoi as required by Paris peace settlement talks
  • 1999  Senate fails to impeach President Bill Clinton on either perjury or obstruction of justice charges; votes were 45 – 55 and 50 – 50
  • 2000  American cartoonist and author of “Peanuts”, Charles Monroe “Sparky” Schulz dies (b. 1922)
  • 2004  San Francisco begins issuing marriage liscences to same-sex couples at the direction of Mayor Gavin Newsom

Lost and Found – February 11th Edition

What to remember about February 11th…

  • 1812  Massachussets Governor Elbridge Gerry redistricts his state to favor his party; “gerrymandering” is born
  • 1847  American inventer and entreprenuer Thomas Alva Edison is born in Milan, Ohio (d. 1931) – celebrated as National Inventor’s Day
  • 1916  Anarchist, abortion proponent Emma Goldman is arrested for violating Comstock Act; mentor of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger
  • 1942  2 German battleships and a heavy cruiser escape French port and British aircraft in “channel dash” to reach a safe port
  • 1970  Japan becomes the world’s 4th “space power” with successful launch of satellite into orbit
  • 1975  Margaret Thatcher becomes 1st woman to head a political party in England when she is elected to lead the Conservatives
  • 1979  Iranian revolutionaries topple monarchy and parliment to establish theocratic Islamic Republic under Ayatollah Khomeini
  • 1990  South African civil rights activist Nelson Mandella is released after 27 years in prison
  • 2006  Vice-President Dick Cheney accidently shoots Texas attorney Harry Whittington and wounds him while they hunt quail together
  • UPDATE:  2012  American singer and actress Whitney Houston dies in hotel bathtub in Berevly Hills (b. 1963)

Lost and Found – February 10th Edition

What to remember about February 10th…

  • 1763  Seven Years’ War (aka French and Indian War) ends with France, Britain, and Spain signing Treaty of Paris; French losses will help spur assistance to American colonies when revolution breaks out
  • 1846  After death of their leader Joseph Smith, Mormon settlers flee Illinois; 12,000 start on exodus that will end in Utah’s Great Basin
  • 1899  Future 31st President Herbert Hoover marries school sweetheart Lou Henry at her parents home in California
  • 1957  American author of “Little House” series Laura Ingalls Wilder dies in Missouri (b 1867)
  • 1962  Captured American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers is released by Soviets in exchange for convicted Russian spy Rudolf Abel
  • 1965  Vietnamese suicide bombers attack American barracks in Qui Nhon killing 23 U.S. personnel
  • 1967  Presidential succession procedure established by ratification of 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • 2008  Senator Barack Hussein Obama II (D – Illinois) announces candidacy to seek presidency with speech in Springfield, Illinois