Lost and Found – February 28th Edition

What to remember about February 28th…

  • 1827  Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad is incorporated; becomes 1st in America to offer passenger and cargo transportation
  • 1854  Republican Party is born in Ripon, Wisconsin when 30 opponents of Kansas-Nebraska Act meet to form new political party
  • 1893  America’s 1st battleship is launched; USS Indiana (BB-1)
  • 1940  Legendary Italian American race car driver Mario Andretti is born
  • 1953  Scientists James D. Watson and Francis Crick 1st announce that they have discovered the chemical structure of DNA
  • 1983  After 11 seasons on television, M*A*S*H airs for last time
  • 1991  President Bush declares a ceasefire ending 1st Gulf War; ground war had lasted just 100 hours
  • 1993  Federal agents storm Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas in attempt to arrest leader David Koresh; 10 killed in gun battle before beginning 50-day siege that will kill another 76 at the end
  • 1997  2 heavily armed and armored bank robbers engage police in firefight outside a Bank of America in North Hollywood; both shooters killed and 18 others injured
  • 1998  RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle takes maiden flight; 1st UAV certified for use in civilian airspace
  • 2005  American businessman and adventurer Stephen Fossett begins 1st nonstop, unrefueled, circumnavigation of the globe by a fixed-wing aircraft aboard Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer
  • 2009  American radio broadcaster Paul Harvey (Aurant) dies in Phoenix, Arizona (b. 1918); now you know “The Rest of the Story”


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