Lost and Found – February 25th Edition

What to remember about February 25th…

  • 1779  Patriots and frontiersmen led by George Rogers Clark capture British Fort Sackville to break spirit of loyalist settlers
  • 1836  Samuel Colt patents 1st percussion “revolver” pistol
  • 1862  To finance Civil War, Congress passes Legal Tender Act authorizing use of paper notes to pay government debt instead of gold or silver
  • 1870  Republican Hiram Rhodes is sworn in as United States Senator from Mississippi; 1st African-American to sit in Congress
  • 1932  Adolf Hitler becomes naturalized German citizen and becomes eligible to run for election
  • 1933  USS Ranger is launched as 1st U.S. Navy purpose-built aircraft carrier
  • 1948  Communist Party assumes control of government in Czechoslovakia
  • 1964  22-year-old Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) defeats heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in surprise decision
  • 1991  Iraqi SCUD missile lands on American barracks in Dahran, Saudi Arabia killing 28 in greatest single casualty incident of the Gulf War
  • 2005  Dennis Rader was arrested in BTK (bind torture kill) serial killings


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