Lost and Found – February 19th Edition

What to remember about February 19th…

  • 1674  Treaty is signed to end war between England and  Netherlands; New Amsterdam is transferred to English and renamed New York
  • 1777  Continental Congress promotes 5  to rank of Major General; Brigadier Benedict Arnold threatens to resign having been passed over
  • 1807  Former Vice President Aaron Burr is arrested for treason in Alabama; conspired to establish new country from  annexed Spanish territory
  • 1847  Rescuers arrive at camp of starving Donner Party; settlers stranded by early snow in mountains had resorted to cannibalism
  • 1878  American inventor Thomas Edison is awarded patent for phonograph
  • 1942  President Franklin Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066; authorized removal of people deemed undesirable from military areas; by June more than 100,000 Japanese on West Coast will be in internment camps
  • 1945 30,000  U.S. Marines begin invasion of Iwo Jima in South Pacific
  • 1976  President Ford revokes FDR’s Executive Order 9066
  • 1986  Soviet Union successfully launches Mir; 1st section of 1st modular space station to orbit the Earth
  • 2005 USS Jimmy Carter is christened; last Seawolf class fast attack sub

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