Lost and Found – February 9th Edition

What to remember about February 9th…

  • 1773  Future 9th President William Henry Harrison is born in Virginia (d. 1841), will die in office after 1 month after inauguration
  • 1825 As neither has enough electoral votes, House of Representatives chooses John Quincy Adams to be President over Andrew Jackson
  • 1861  Jefferson Davis is elected President of the Confederate States of America by Provisional Congress in Montgomery, Alabama
  • 1942  Daylight saving time is instituted to conserve fuel for the war
  • 1950  Senator Joseph McCarthy becomes national figure with speech claiming he has a list of over 200 communists inside Department of State
  • 1964  Beatles appear on American television for 1st time with performance on The Ed Sullivan Show
  • 1965  1st American ground combat troops are deployed to Vietnam
  • 1971  Pitcher Satchel Paige is 1st Negro League player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame; rookie year at age 42
  • 1997  FOX’s show The Simpsons becomes the longest running animated series in American television; surpasses The Flintstones

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