Lost and Found – February 8th Edition

What to remember about February 8th…

  • 1820  Union General William Tecumseh Sherman is born (d. 1891)
  • 1837  Richard Mentor Johnson is elected by the Senate to be 9th Vice President of the United States; 1st time 12th Amendment exercised
  • 1862  Union Army secures 1st major victory of war with capture of Roanoke Island, NC ; aim to cut off Confederate access to the sea
  • 1865  Delaware voters reject ratification of 13th Amendment; choose to remain a slave state
  • 1910  Chicago W.D. Boyce returns to U.S. incorporates Boy Scouts of America after encountering “unknown scout” in London fog
  • 1918  U.S. Army begins weekly publication called Stars and Stripes; 1st seen in Civil war as newsletter to keeps troops informed
  • 1943  Allies take control of Guadal Canal after Japanese withdrawal; nearly 26,000 lost their lives in the battle for the island
  • 1971  National Association of Securities Dealers create NASDAQ, brokers decry worlds 1st electronic stock market as their spreads shrink

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