Lost and Found – February 7th Edition

What to remember about February 7th…

  • 1783  British defeat Spanish and French Siege of Gibraltar; largest and longest action of the American Revolution began in 1779
  • 1795  11th Amendment to U.S. Constitution is ratified; establishes sovereign immunity of states
  • 1812  Massive earthquake along New Madrid fault in Missouri causes tsunami when Mississippi River flows backwards; tremors felt as far as Boston and Washington, D.C.
  • 1963  U.S. imposes embargo on imports and re-imports as well as exports to Cuba after nationalization of American assets
  • 1964  British rock band the Beatles arrives in New York; tour brings “Beatlemania” to America for the 1st time
  • 1979  Nazi war criminal Dr. Joseph Mengele dies in Brazil from a stroke; performed horrendous “medical” experiments at Auschwitz
  • 1984  Navy Captain Bruce McCandless becomes 1st human to fly in space untethered to a spacecraft; launches from shuttle Challenger
  • 1990  Soviet Union’s Central Committee agrees to plan that will allow other political parties; ends 70-year monopoly on political power
  • 1992  European Union is created when Maastricht Treaty is signed by Ministers of member nations; goes into effect next year
  • 2002  President George W. Bush announces plan to allow “faith-based initiatives” apply for federal funding and provide social services

Bruce Mccandless 1st untethered spacewalk

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