Lost and Found – January 23rd Edition

23What to remember about January 23rd…

National Pie Day (USA)

  • 1737  American merchant, statesman, and signer of the Declaration of Independence John Hancock is born in Braintree, Massachusetts (d. 1793)
  • 1789  Georgetown College is founded in Maryland as the 1st Catholic University in America
  • 1849  Elizabeth Blackwell becomes 1st woman M.D. in America; she and her sister (later an M.D. also) found clinic for women in New York
  • 1865  One-legged Confederate General John Bell Hood removed from command of the Army of Tennessee after series of disastrous failures
  • 1922  Insulin used on human subject for 1st time in treatment for diabetes; discovery given away royalty-free to the world
  • 1957 Wham-O produces the first plastic flying discs; the modern Frisbee is born; invented by William Frisbee in 1871
  • 1964  24th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified; right to vote in federal election may not be denied by failure to pay tax
  • 1968  Electronic intelligence gathering ship USS Pueblo is seized by North Korea; accused of spying, 83 crew are held for almost a year
  • 1973  President Nixon announces that peace agreement has been reached with North Vietnam; signing to take place January 27th
  • 1986  Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame recognizes its 1st inductees; among them Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, and Buddy Holly
  • 1991  Police cruiser dashboard camera records murder of Texas lawman during traffic stop; tape convicts 3 assailants at trial
  • 2002  “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh returns to U.S. in FBI custody; captured in Afghanistan fighting against U.S. troops
  • 2002  Journalist Daniel Pearl is kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and later beheaded on camera by his captors

national pie day

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