Lost and Found – December 18th Edition

What to remember about December 18th…

    • 1620  After scouting a suitable location for settlement and signing Compact, Pilgrims anchor Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor
    • 1777  Declared by Continental Congress after victory at Battle of Saratoga, America celebrates 1st national day of thanksgiving
    • 1865   Secretary of State Seward certifies that enough states have ratified Republican proposed 13th Amendment to the Constitution; slavery is finally abolished in America
    • 1915  Woodrow Wilson marries his second wife Edith Bolling Galt at her home while still serving as President; after his stroke, she will assume power and act as secret president
    • 1946  American filmmaker Steven Spielberg is born in Cincinnati, Ohio; one of the most prominent directors in history
    • 1973  Islamic Development Bank is established to support and promote worldwide Sharia banking standards
    • 1996  Oakland, California school board officially recognizes “Ebonics” as a language
    • 2011  Playwright, anti-communist dissident, and 1st President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel dies (b. 1936)

Edith Wilson poses a parylized President Wilson so public will think that the nation is still led by its elected leadership.


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