Lost and Found – October 28th Edition

What to remember about October 28th…

  • 1775  British Major General Howe issues proclamation forbidding residents from leaving the city
  • 1818  Abigail Adams, First Lady and wife of President John Adams dies in Quincy, Massachusetts (b. 1744)
  • 1886  President Grover Cleveland dedicates Statue of Liberty
  • 1918  Sailors of the German High Seas Fleet mutiny instead of attack British fleet with armistice in the works
  • 1922  Benito Mussolini leads Italian fascists in March on Rome; takes over the Italian government
  • 1929  Black Monday stock market crash
  • 1962  Cuban Missile Crisis ends as Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev agrees to remove Russian missiles from the island
  • 1965  In St. Louis, Missouri the 630-foot Gateway Arch portion of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is completed
  • 1971  Britain launches Prospero; it is their 1st satellite
  • 2005  Iran launches its 1st satellite in joint effort with Russia

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