Lost and Found – October 15th Edition

What to remember about October 15th…

White Cane Safety Day – United States

  • 1860  11-year old Grace Bedell writes to presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln to recommend that he grow a beard
  • 1863  Confederate submarine sinks killing inventor and crew
  • 1917 Dutch dancer Mata Hari is executed by firing squad outside Paris as a spy for Germany
  • 1946  Nazi head of the Gestapo Herman Goering commits suicide before he can be hanged for war crimes
  • 1951  I Love Lucy television show premiers on CBS
  • 1966  Huey Newton and Bobby Seale found the Black Panther Party
  • 1991  Clarence Thomas is confirmed to replace the retiring Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court
  • 2003  China launches its 1st manned space mission Shenzhou 5


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