Lost and Found – September 19th Edition

What to remember about September 19th…

  • 1777  General Horatio Gates and General Benedict Arnold argue over tactics at first Battle of Saratoga; Arnold will be relieved of command; resentment will lead to treason
  • 1796  President George Washington’s Farewell Address is published in papers across the nation
  • 1881  President James A. Garfield dies of wounds inflicted by assassin Charles J. Guiteau 80 days earlier
  • 1934  After a high-speed chase, Bruno Hauptman is arrested for the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby
  • 1952  J. Edgar Hoover has Comedian Charlie Chaplin barred from re-entering the United States for supposed anti-American ties
  • 1985  Congress holds hearings on explicit lyrics in music; group founded by Tipper Gore pushes for labeling and censorship
  • 1995 Manifesto of Unabomber terrorist Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski is published in The New York Times and Washington Post in the hope that someone will recognize him
  • 2010  Deepwater Horizon oil spill ends with completion of relief well

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