Lost and Found – September 16th Edition

What to remember about September 16th…

  • 1620  Mayflower departs with 102 passengers bound for Virginia; bad weather and navigation errors take them to modern-day Massachusetts
  • 1776  Colonial troops under George Washington win the 1st battlefield victory of the war at Harlem Heights, New York
  • 1893  100,000 people join in the Cherokee Land Rush; President Benjamin Harrison authorized the settlement of Indian lands in Oklahoma
  • 1908  William Crapo Durant spends $2,000 to incorporate the General Motors Corporation; later he helps found Chevrolet
  • 1919  In the aftermath of WWI veterans form a mutual aid society; Congress grants this “American Legion” a national charter
  • 1920  Wall Street bombing kills 38 and wounds over 100; horse-drawn wagon contained the device; considered the 1st “car bomb”
  • 1940  President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Selective Service and Training Act requiring males citizens between 26 and 35 to register for the draft even though America is not yet at war
  • 1992  Currency manipulation led by speculator George Soros destabilize British pound; he makes $1 billion on Black Wednesday
  • 2007  O.J. Simpson is arrested for his role in September 13th robbery and kidnapping of sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong
  • Update:  2013  34-year old Aaron Alexis opens fire inside the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., 12 die before rampage ends with his death

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