Lost and Found – August 31st Edition

What to remember about August 31st…

  • 1864  General Sherman’s 4-month campaign is complete; victory at Battle of Jonesboro leads to Union capture of Atlanta
  • 1886  Devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes near Charleston, South Carolina killing over 100
  • 1888  1st victim of “Jack the Ripper” is murdered in London
  • 1935  President Franklin Roosevelt signs Neutrality Act to avoid becoming entangled in emerging european conflict
  • 1939  Nazis stage fake attack on Polish radio station; Germans use this incident as an excuse to invade the following day
  • 1943  USS Harmon (DE-678) is commissioned; 1st U.S. warship named for an African-American; Leonard Roy Harmon posthumously received the Navy Cross for his actions at Guadalcanal in 1942
  • 1985  Serial Killer Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez is seen and beaten by a crowd in Los Angeles before police arrest him
  • 1992  Randy Weaver surrenders; siege at Ruby Ridge ends
  • 1997  Lady Diana, Princess of Wales and boyfriend Dodi Fayed die in high-speed car crash in Paris


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