Lost and Found – August 18th Edition

What to remember about August 18th…

  • 1590  Supply ship arriving at Roanoke Island, North Carolina find colony site mysteriously abandoned
  • 1774  American explorer and soldier Meriwether Lewis is born in Albemarle County, Virginia
  • 1795  President George Washington signs Jay’s Treaty  to reduce military tensions with Britain
  • 1846  General Stephen Watts Kearney “father of U.S. Cavalry” leads forces that capture Santa Fe during Mexican-American War
  • 1920  19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified guaranteeing women the right to vote
  • 1941  Adolf Hitler orders suspension of euthanasia program targeting the mentally ill and handicapped; program will be revived in secret later in Poland
  • 1991  Soviet military and KGB attempt coup by placing President Mikhail Gorbachev under house arrest
  • 2005  Dennis Raider, the “BTK Killer”, is sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences


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