Lost and Found – August 16th Edition

What to remember about August 16th…

  • 1780  Continental forces led by General Horatio Gates suffer embarrassing loss at Camden, South Carolina
  • 1812  American General William Hull surrenders Detroit to British and Indian forces without a fight; he is later convicted of cowardice
  • 1841  President John Tyler is burned in effigy outside the White House for vetoing reestablishment of the Bank of the United States
  • 1896  George Carmack finds gold while fishing in the Yukon; “Klondike Fever” leads to the last great gold rush in America
  • 1948  Baseball legend Babe Ruth dies of cancer in New York City
  • 1974  The Ramones play their first public show in Manhattan; Punk Rock is born
  • 1977  Elvis Presley, the “King Of Rock and Roll” dies in Memphis, Tennessee of an apparent heart attack
  • 1984  Automaker John DeLorean is acquitted of drug trafficking charges
  • 2007  Student Seung-Hui Cho goes on shooting spree at Virginia Tech, he commits suicide after killing 32 and wounding 25

delorean showroom car


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