Lost and Found – August 12th Edition

What to remember about August 12th…

  • 1861  Eliphalet Remington dies in New York; inventor and founder of Remington Arms Co.
  • 1881  American film director and producer Cecil B. Demille is born in Ashfield, Massachusetts
  • 1898  Armistice is signed by Spain ending Spanish-American War, U.S. gains Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Manilla
  • 1898  U.S. formally assumes sovereignty over Hawaii
  • 1914  United kingdom enters WWI by declaring war on Austria-Hungary
  • 1944  Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. dies during WWII Operation Aphrodite, brother of John F. Kennedy
  • 1960  NASA launches its 1st successful communications satellite Echo 1A, remains in orbit until 1968
  • 1961  To prevent people from escaping communist regime, East Germany begins construction on the Berlin Wall
  • 1981  The IBM PC is introduced
  • 1990  U.S. suffers 1st casualty in build-up to the Gulf War; Air Force SSGT John Campisi
  • 1994  Major League Baseball’s players begin strike that will continue until April 1995; there will be no World Series this year


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