Lost and Found – August 9th Edition

What to remember about August 9th…

  • 1862  Confederate force led by General “Stonewall” Jackson barely avoid losing Battle of Cedar Mountain to a force half of their size
  • 1930  Betty Boop Makes her cartoon debut in Dizzy Dishes
  • 1936  African-American track star Jesse Owens wins his fourth gold medal of the Berlin Olympics; Hitler embarrassed
  • 1945 A second atomic bomb is dropped on Japan; this time the target is Nagasaki
  • 1969  Cult led by Charles Manson kills 5 in Beverly Hills
  • 1974  Gerald Ford sworn in as 38th president; he is the first person to hold the office without being elected
  • 1995  Musician and founder of the band The Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia dies of a heart attack while in rehab
  • 2010  Airline flight attendant Steven Slater quits his job by opening emergency door and sliding down escape chute

(Hat tip to my mom Linda.  Betty is her favorite cartoon character.)


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